The Karl Schwartzwalder-Professional Achievement in Ceramic Engineering (PACE) Award is presented by The American Ceramic Society’s Education and Professional Development Council (ACerS/EPDC). It honors the past president of  the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers (NICE); currently, the newly formed Education and Professional Development Council (EPDC) and Distinguished Life Member of ACerS. The purpose of this award is to focus public attention on the outstanding achievements of young persons in ceramic engineering and to illustrate the opportunities available in the ceramic engineering profession. The award consists of a piece of commemorative glassware and a certificate containing a citation of achievement on which the award is based. The award is presented at the Society’s Annual Meeting.

The award recognizes an outstanding young ceramic engineer whose achievements have been significant to the profession and to the general welfare of all people. Nominations are open to all branches of the ceramic industry. Nominations remain active for five consecutive years, then are dropped from the list. Any individual or group may submit one or more nominations.

The conditions for eligibility for the Award are as follows:

a) A nominee must be between 21 and 40 years of age; not becoming 41 during the Award year.
b) A nominee must be a member of the Society and EPDC

Nominees will be judged on answers to these two primary questions:

1. What outstanding contribution has the nominee made to the nominee’s work or profession?
2. What outstanding contribution has the nominee made to the public welfare?

The contributions referred to in the first question may be of an engineering, managerial, economic, or scientific nature. The contribution referred to in the second question may be of a general nature relating to community and/or public service. No supplemental material will be considered on the original application.

Use the nomination form at the link found below.

Nominations must be submitted no later than January 15th annually and they should be sent electronically or mailed directed to the Karl Schwartzwalder-PACE Award Committee at this address:

Erica Zimmerman
The American Ceramic Society
550 Polaris Parkway, Suite 510
Westerville, OH 43082

Deadline for Nominations:

January 15th annually