The Medal for Leadership in the Advancement of Ceramic Technology recognizes individuals, who through leadership and vision in an executive role, have made substantial contributions to the success of their organization and in turn have significantly expanded the frontiers of the ceramics industry. Two medals will be presented each year, one from the Americas, the other from outside the Americas.

Award: the award consists of a medal and a certificate that will be presented at the ACerS Awards Banquet at MS&T each October. Note: being present at the Banquet is a requirement of acceptance. If the person(s) selected cannot be present to accept the award, it will not be awarded to that person in that year.

Nomination process:

  • Nominees typically will hold senior positions such as CEO, CTO, President or Vice‐President in a ceramics industry organization. Membership in The American Ceramic Society is not required.
  • Nominees may be nominated by any member of The American Ceramic Society. The lead nominator must sign the nomination form and submit a letter of nomination no longer than one page.
  • Statements from a minimum of three associates familiar with the candidate’s accomplishments should be included in the nomination package. More than three associate statements may be submitted if desired. The associates do not need to be members of The American Ceramic Society in order to submit a statement. Only the lead nominator must be an ACerS member. Supporting statements from associates cannot exceed 500 words.
  • Supporting information about the nominee may be submitted (CV, publication list, etc.). There is no length limitation on supporting information.
  • Nominations are eligible for a total of five years. Updated information can be submitted each year.
  • No candidate will be selected for this award posthumously.
  • Only nominations received by January 15 and submitted on the proper nomination form will be considered.
  • In considering nominees for this award, the committee will consider potential duplication of recognition for accomplishments that have been recognized in a prior ACerS award conferred upon the nominee. Typically, nominees will not be recognized with multiple awards for the same accomplishments.
 You may start, save, complete, and submit your nominations accessing the acers award portal below. 


Award Committee

Nominations are evaluated by a 5‐person committee appointed by the President of The American Ceramic Society.

For questions contact:  Erica Zimmerman at

Deadline for Nominations:

March 1 Annually