The Rishi Raj Medal for Innovation and Commercialization Award is awarded annually to recognize one individual whose innovation lies at the cusp of commercialization in a field related, at least in part, to ceramics and glass.

The Award is a medal, $2,500 award and registration waiver to attend ACerS Annual Meeting. The award is presented at the ACerS Annual Meeting Awards Banquet.

Nomination process: The Medal is awarded annually to recognize a member of the ceramics and glass research community for exceptional discovery or invention(s) that can, or have, led to innovative products and/or processes. Nominations should consist of a concise description of the achievement (200 word maximum) that outlines its significance in terms of past, on-going or the potential for societal benefit through science and technology. Supplementary documents that would aid in the evaluation process also are requested.

The confluence of science, manufacturing, and software tools is leading to a new era of innovation and commercialization. Its impact will continue to be felt broadly in how we live, work, travel, and interact with one another and our environment. The endeavors receiving this award are expected to be high risk, but, nevertheless, the potential application of the work should be visionary and purposeful.

Membership in the Society is not required.

You may start, save, complete, and submit your nominations accessing the acers award portal below. 


Questions may be directed to Erica Zimmerman at

Deadline for Nominations:

March 1 Annually