The W. David Kingery Award recognizes distinguished lifelong achievements involving multidisciplinary and global contributions to ceramic technology, science, education and art. The award is open to all people worldwide. There are no limitations regarding nationality, gender or religion and membership in ACerS is not a requirement. A nominee must be living, but in the event of death subsequent to selection but prior to presentation, the award shall be made posthumously.

Nominations should consist of a letter and completed nomination form giving a full and complete statement of the reasons for proposing the candidate, with a record of the candidate’s professional and industrial achievements in sufficient detail to allow the committee to evaluate the nominee’s worthiness to receive the award. Nominations are active for a total of three years, but the person can then be re-nominated.

 You may start, save, complete, and submit your nominations accessing the acers award portal below. 


The award is a piece of commemorative glassware, a certificate containing a citation of the achievement on which the award is based, and $5,000. The presentation will be made at the ACerS Annual Meeting Awards banquet.

Questions may be directed to Erica Zimmerman at

Deadline for Nominations:

March 1 annually