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Corporate Technical Achievement Award

AdValue Photonics

By Erica Zimmerman / May 21, 2018

AdValue Photonics Inc wins the 2018 Corporate Technical Achievement Award for the development of highly rare-earth doped silicate glass fibers. AdValue Photonics is a leading manufacturer of innovative fiber lasers for materials processing, scientific, LIDAR, and medical markets. Founded in 2007, the company has a reputation for delivering groundbreaking products based on its proprietary fiber…

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SELEE Corporation

By Erica Zimmerman / May 24, 2017

SELEE® wins the 2017 Corporate Technical Achievement Award for the development of an aluminosilicate-based ceramic foam filter for molten iron and aluminum filtration. Many foundries today use ceramic foam to filter molten iron and aluminum when high quality castings are desired.  Metal castings are found everywhere, from parts in your automobile like engine blocks, brake…

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Sharp Corporation and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. (SEL)

By Deidre Haignere / May 19, 2016

Technical Achievement: Indium-gallium-zinc oxide (IGZO), an oxide semiconductor, is drawing attention as a promising semiconductor material. Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. (SEL) and Sharp Corporation (Sharp) have developed and commercialized a new IGZO which is more stable and easier to be processed. This material comprises crystals but exhibits no clear grain boundaries between the crystals.…

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Allied Mineral Products

By Deidre Haignere / May 19, 2015

Allied Mineral Products won this year’s Corporate Technical Achievement Award for its successful development of a unique graphitic refractory castable, STACKCRETE® G, commercially used in blast furnaces. Carbonaceous bricks are heavily used in blast furnaces to allow passage of heat where conductive cooling is required. This passage of heat allows a protective skull to form…

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Somany Ceramics Ltd., India

By Deidre Haignere / May 13, 2014

Somany Ceramics Limited wins the ACerS 2014 Corporate Technical Achievement for their development of Somany Veil Craft (VC) Shield Floor Tiles.  VC shield tiles are high abrasion resistant floor tiles developed under the visionary leadership of Mr. Shreekant Somany (CMD) and are the first of its kind in India. The concept behind Veil Craft (VC)…

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Surmet Corp

By Deidre Haignere / May 14, 2013

  Surmet Corp for ALON® Optical Ceramic Development and Commercialization Surmet Corp wins this year’s corporate technical achievement award for its successful development and commercialization of optically transparent hard ceramic ALON. Of the polycrystalline transparent ceramic materials that are available currently, ALON is the hardest and possibly the best there is in terms of superior…

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Corporate Technical Achievement Award

By Eileen De Guire / March 6, 2013

This award recognizes a single outstanding technical achievement made by an ACerS corporate member in the field of ceramics. The achievement must show significant technical merit and represent a gain to society through commercialization of the technology within the preceding eight years. Through this award, the Society recognizes corporate members who have taken a technology and successfully developed it into a viable commercial product. It is not necessary for the technical and commercial development to be accomplished by one company, and joint nominations can be submitted. Up to two awards may be made each year.

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