New wiki on ceramics processing—ready to join us?

By Lisa McDonald / September 21, 2021

To date, there are few textbooks that cover the topic of ceramic processing well. A new wiki initiated by ACerS members Olivier Guillon and Wolfgang Rheinheimer provides a platform for practical articles to help anybody working on ceramics to set up their lab.

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Video: National Park Service celebrates 105 years

By Lisa McDonald / August 25, 2021

Today, August 25, is the 105th anniversary of the National Park Service. Learn about the history of this federal agency, the types of sites it manages, and how it is dealing with overcrowded parks this summer.

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More than just a PHASE—thermodynamic and kinetic data and modeling help researchers develop materials of the future

By Jonathon Foreman / July 9, 2021

Thermodynamic and kinetic data and modeling can speed up the material design process immensely. Learn about two such techniques in today’s CTT—phase equilibrium diagrams and the CALPHAD method.

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Video: Superheroes inspire learning in both the classroom and laboratory

By Lisa McDonald / July 7, 2021

The realism and popularity of superheroes present a great opportunity to teach science through a fun and engaging lens. UC Davis associate professor Ricardo Castro uses superheroes to inspire learning in both the classroom and laboratory, including through a new initiative called Engineering Superheroes.

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Video: Into the Bulletin Archives—Films of interest to ceramists

By Lisa McDonald / June 30, 2021

In celebration of the Bulletin publishing Volume 100 this year, an ongoing column has looked at the history of the Bulletin by decade. Today’s CTT features a list published several times in the 1950s and 1960s that compiled industrial and educational films on ceramics and related topics.

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Improving safety of implants: A review on nanotechnology as an anti-infection strategy in periprosthetic joint infections

By Lisa McDonald / June 22, 2021

Periprosthetic joint infection is a serious complication that can occur in joint replacement surgery. Researchers in Italy and the United States review the research on using nanotechnology to prevent and treat PJI.

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A decade of discovery: A review of MXenes, the family of 2D transition metal carbides and nitrides

By Lisa McDonald / June 15, 2021

MXenes, the family of 2D transition metal carbides and nitrides, was first discovered in 2011. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this discovery, researchers led by Drexel University professor and ACerS Fellow Yury Gogotsi published a forward-looking review article in Science that explores the impact and promise of this material family.

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Student perspectives on facing uncertainty, plus more inside June/July 2021 ACerS Bulletin

By Lisa McDonald / May 27, 2021

The June/July 2021 issue of the ACerS Bulletin—featuring student articles on facing uncertainty and a look at the Materials Genome Initiative after 10 years—is now available online. Plus—new C&GM.

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Publications Ethics Corner: Authorship

By Jonathon Foreman / May 25, 2021

In this first article in our new series on the aspects of ethical scientific publishing, we look at authorship and the considerations that go into determining who should be named authors on a paper.

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United Nations approves 2022 as the International Year of Glass

By Lisa McDonald / May 20, 2021

The United Nations General Assembly approved the formal resolution to declare 2022 as the International Year of Glass! Read the statement from Alicia Durán, president of the International Commission on Glass and chair of IYOG2022.

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