Academia or industry? Personal perspective paper offers a look at both career choices

By Lisa McDonald / March 14, 2023

For students preparing to graduate, deciding if they prefer an academic or industrial setting is a key step in plotting their career path. A new open-access paper by ACerS member and University of Colorado Boulder professor Al Weimer offers an insightful personal take on conducting research in academic and industrial settings.

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Updates on open access for ACerS journals

By Jonathon Foreman / March 1, 2023

The future of research communications is poised to become much more open than the current system. Learn what Wiley, ACerS’ publishing partner, is doing to prepare for the open-science movement, as well as open-access publishing options through ACerS journals.

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A homage to IYOG: A review of photonic glasses and heralding the Age of Glass

By Eileen De Guire / February 17, 2023

The International Year of Glass may be over, but the Age of Glass is just beginning. In homage to IYOG, an international group of researchers published an open-access review paper describing the past, present, and future of glass in the exciting field of photonics.

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Utilizing stored emissions: A review of molten salt electrochemical conversion to recycle carbon dioxide

By Lisa McDonald / February 3, 2023

Molten salt electrochemical conversion may offer an economic and relatively clean way to extract pure carbon products from stored carbon dioxide emissions. In a recently published open-access paper, researchers from the University of Science and Technology Beijing summarize the successes and challenges of this process.

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Video: NSF Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships—a look at its priorities and programs

By Lisa McDonald / December 7, 2022

The National Science Foundation officially established the Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships in March 2022, but the mission and scope of the directorate remained unclear until the Chips and Science Act of 2022 was signed into law this August. Learn about the priorities and programs of NSF’s newest directorate.

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Video: Sing a Song of Pie Birds—the history of how ceramic figurines helped vent pies in the early 20th century

By Lisa McDonald / November 23, 2022

While people today often vent pies by cutting slits in the top crust, in the early 20th century, people used hollow ceramic figurines often shaped liked birds to vent the steam. Learn more about the history of pie birds in today’s CTT.

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Time for removal: A review of erbium laser-assisted ceramic debonding for dental restorations and appliances

By Lisa McDonald / November 18, 2022

Methods that conserve or semi-conserve a dental restoration during removal often risk harming the underlying tooth. Researchers in the U.S. and Poland reviewed the current literature on erbium laser-assisted ceramic debonding to identify the parameters needed for safe application of this method.

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Ceramics and glass in space, plus more inside December 2022 ACerS Bulletin

By Lisa McDonald / November 17, 2022

The December 2022 issue of the ACerS Bulletin—featuring an overview of ceramics and glass used in space travel and exploration—is now available online. Plus—new C&GM and ceramicSOURCE 2023.

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Video: Reimagining of ‘Ballet des Porcelaines’ probes the complex cultural work behind the making of porcelain

By Lisa McDonald / November 16, 2022

When art historian Meredith Martin was introduced to an 18th-century ballet that allegorically depicts Europe’s pursuit of porcelain, she knew pursuing a historically accurate reconstruction of the ballet would risk reinforcing harmful racial stereotypes and exoticization of Asian cultures. Instead, she and choreographer Phil Chan conceived of a restaging that would center Asian American experience within this history.

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Video: From waste to watercolors—Colorado artist turns food scraps into paint

By Lisa McDonald / November 2, 2022

With a little bit of science knowledge, artists can learn to make paints and glazes at home quite easily and for far less cost. A Colorado artist is working to educate others on how she creates environmentally friendly watercolor paints from foraged plants and food waste.

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