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Video: The right to repair in a Fair(phone) manner

By Lisa McDonald / September 4, 2019

The Right to Repair movement calls for manufacturers to give consumers the ability to repair their own devices. Fairphone, a social enterprise company, designs and produces smartphones that are easily repairable and have minimal environmental impact.

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Video: Another way to mine—rare-earth elements extracted from scrapped magnets

By Lisa McDonald / August 28, 2019

Extracting rare earth elements from e-waste can be difficult. The Department of Energy’s Critical Materials Institute and other labs are collaborating to develop new recycling methods—and one method is set for commercial production of rare-earth oxides.

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Cheers to sustainability—lifecycle analysis pits glass bottles against aluminum cans

By April Gocha / August 23, 2019

From an environmental sustainability standpoint, which is better: glass bottles or aluminum cans? Turns out, the answer is not so clear-cut.

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“Spring” cleanup: Carbon nanosprings break down marine microplastic pollution

By Lisa McDonald / August 20, 2019

Microplastic pollution is a threat to marine ecosystems. A research collaboration between several Australian and Chinese universities created carbon nanosprings that can break down microplastics into compounds that dissolve harmlessly in water.

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Hero or villain? Opposing arguments for the environmental impact of smartphones

By April Gocha / August 16, 2019

The smartphone industry is often considered to have an increasingly negative impact on the environment. But an opposing argument that smartphones are the heroes, rather than villains, of this story exists as well. How could that be?

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Video: Camels provide beauty, milk—and alternative fuel for cement production

By Lisa McDonald / August 14, 2019

In Ras al-Khaimah, the northernmost emirate of the United Arab Emirates, the government’s waste management agency is running a program to divert waste from landfills. Part of that program includes using camel excrement as fuel in cement production.

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PV and produce combine—benefits of agrivoltaics

By Lisa McDonald / August 9, 2019

Many farmers believe agriculture and solar farms present an either-or situation. Research on agrivoltaics, or the practice of co-locating PV infrastructure and agriculture, suggests instead the two could be mutually beneficial.

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Will 5G hinder weather forecasts?

By Lisa McDonald / August 2, 2019

As mobile carriers push ahead with plans to release 5G networks, NOAA, NASA, and other parts of the scientific community warn that frequencies currently planned for use in 5G could interfere with weather forecasting.

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Video: From waste to winners—Olympic medals made from recycled electronics

By Lisa McDonald / July 31, 2019

The next summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo in 2020. As part of its Games Sustainability Plan, Japan recycled almost 80,000 tons of electronic devices to collect enough metal to create 5,000 Olympic medals.

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Combined GFMAT/Bio meeting sees successful turnout in Toronto

By Lisa McDonald / July 26, 2019

More than 360 people from 31 countries traveled to Toronto to attend GFMAT-2 and Bio-4 on July 21–26. This year marks the first time the two conferences were held jointly.

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