Video: ‘Design for Demise’ offers greener approach to space exploration

By Lisa McDonald / June 12, 2024

Space debris is becoming increasingly problematic as private space entrepreneurs launch unprecedented numbers of new satellites into orbit. Constructing satellites with a “Design for Demise” mentality can help reduce the amount of junk floating around Earth.

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Video: Tackling e-waste—Circular Supply Chain Coalition establishes recycling networks in local communities

By Lisa McDonald / June 5, 2024

Even as record amounts of electronic waste are generated, very little of this waste is recycled. The new Circular Supply Chain Coalition aims to establish e-waste recycling networks in local communities.

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Eggshell ‘bioplastic’ pellets enable closed-loop system of agriculture fertilization

By Lisa McDonald / May 28, 2024

Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada developed eggshell-based “bioplastic” pellets that may address some of the environmental concerns with current agricultural practices.

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MOF-coated glass vials enable simple, reusable water contaminant testing

By Lisa McDonald / May 7, 2024

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are an emerging material system for water treatment applications, but synthesizing these materials in bulk is challenging. Researchers from the University of La Laguna in Spain demonstrated a way to fabricate MOFs that not only stabilizes the material but also integrates it directly into glass vials for water contaminant testing.

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Ultraviolet-emitting glass prevents biofilm formation in marine environments

By Lisa McDonald / April 26, 2024

Biofouling is a big problem for seafaring vessels, with the U.S. Navy spending millions each year in added fuel use and cleaning costs. Researchers led by the University of Massachusetts Amherst developed an ultraviolet-emitting glass that can effectively prevent biofilm formation.

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Video: How it’s made—inside the world of kyanite mining

By Lisa McDonald / April 24, 2024

Establishing and expanding new and existing mining operations is a complex process. Virginia-based Kyanite Mining Corporate recently published a three-part series on the complexities of mining, which included a discussion on the need to make mining sustainable.

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Video: EPA finalizes limits on ‘forever chemicals’ in US drinking water

By Lisa McDonald / April 17, 2024

On April 10, 2024, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued the first legally enforceable national drinking water standards for several common types of PFAS chemicals. Learn what the new standards mean for U.S. drinking water and how ceramics may play a role in the cleanup efforts.

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Video: Potential of Atlantic Ocean current collapse and its impacts on global climate

By Lisa McDonald / February 21, 2024

The potential collapse of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) current system would have far-reaching impacts on global climate. Several recent studies suggest that a collapse might occur sooner than previously theorized.

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Rinse and repeat: Water replaces toxic chemicals in printed electronics processing

By Lisa McDonald / February 9, 2024

Printable electronic inks and their associated print processes tend to rely on environmentally hazardous chemicals, which offsets the benefits of printed electronics in application. Engineers at Duke University developed a water-only printing process for fabricating printed electronics.

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Solid-state electrocaloric materials heat up cooling performance

By Guest Contributor / January 19, 2024

Electrocaloric materials have potential to replace liquid refrigerant in cooling systems, thus avoiding the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. But currently, electrocaloric devices can only operate within a small temperature span. A recent study reported a new electrocaloric prototype with greatly improved temperature span and cooling power.

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