O-I Glass invests €95 million to upgrade plants in France

O-I Glass, Inc. is investing €95 million into two of its French glass packaging production facilities. As a continuation of its modernization investment program, these significant investments aim to upgrade the sustainability, flexibility, and productivity of its operations in Gironcourt-sur-Vraine and Reims.

Grenzebach opens €2 million Indian glass production site

Grenzebach officially opened its manufacturing facility for glass and building materials at its site in Pune, India. The expansion aims to enhance the company’s ability to serve local customers and further invest in the region and Asia.

Azerbaijani, Turkish companies ink MoU on plant construction

Azerbaijan investment company OJSC and Turkish company Gürok Group signed a memorandum of understanding to study the possibilities of construction of a glassware plant in Azerbaijan.


Saint-Gobain in advanced talks to acquire CSR

Saint-Gobain confirmed that it has approached the Board of CSR Limited, a leading Australian building materials company, with a nonbinding indicative offer to acquire all of CSR’s issued share capital.

SINTX enters into second long-term supply agreement for aerospace market

SINTX Technologies, Inc. entered into a 10-year supply agreement with a leading manufacturer of aerospace components and systems. Under the agreement, SINTX will manufacture and supply key ceramic aircraft engine components.

Lithoz joins Japanese technology network for high-performance 3D-printed ceramics

Japanese ceramic companies AS ONE, Mitsui Kinzoku, and Yugyōkuen Ceramics chose Lithoz as a key partner in driving growth and advancement in the Japanese additive manufacturing community. As the initiative leader, AS ONE will work with Mitsui Kinzoku and Yugyōkuen Ceramics as contract manufacturers and Lithoz as technology provider.

Hawk Ridge Systems and DyeMansion forge partnership to bring end-use parts to market

Hawk Ridge Systems and DyeMansion formed a strategic partnership to bring more high-quality 3D printing post-processing solutions to multijet fusion customers, additive manufacturers, and sustainability creators.

Five partners joined forces to build up advanced research on AM technology

Five partners joined forces to enhance the quality and efficiency of 3D printing in industrial production. The European Union-funded SIRAMM project’s cross-border cooperation produced a large number of scientific papers and successfully imparted vital skills to a new generation of researchers.

Altona diversifies into other critical materials

While London-listed Altona Rare Earths advances its Monte Muambe rare earths project in Mozambique, the company also decided to pursue a balanced portfolio of critical raw materials projects across different African countries.

Kyocera recognized on CDP’s ‘A List 2023’ for transparency in combating climate change

Kyocera Corporation was recognized by CDP among the world’s leading enterprises as an “A List 2023” company for environmental transparency and performance in combating climate change. This year marks the third time that Kyocera has been listed.

NGen unveils $86.7 million in new advanced manufacturing projects at N3 Summit

During its inaugural N3 Summit, Canadian industry-led nonprofit NGen announced more than $32.3 million in Global Innovation Cluster funding for 15 new advanced manufacturing projects, including two rare earth magnet recyclers. With industry contributions of $54.4 million, the 15 projects are valued at a total of $86.7 million.


How science is helping farmers to find a balance between agriculture and solar farms

In the French countryside, energy companies are rushing to set up solar farms, with the risk of marginalizing agriculture. Researchers are finding solutions.


HWI and Calderys bring an extended portfolio of high-temperature solutions to customers

In February 2023, Calderys and HWI were united under single ownership and became the Calderys Group. The new Group began a program to share technologies, transferring a selection of Calderys solutions in the Americas to HWI and bringing a selection of HWI products to EMEA and APAC.

Cementos Molins launches new low-carbon emission cements and concretes

Cementos Molins announced the launch of low-carbon footprint cements and concretes with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The new cements and concretes represent a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 25% compared to products made with the current Type I cement of the same strength category.