CUMI installs ceramic 3D printer from 3DCeram

Carborundum Universal Limited, a leading ceramic manufacturing company based in India, installed a ceramic stereolithography 3D printer from 3DCeram at the facilities of its industrial ceramics division.

UB awarded $1.25 million to create clean energy research hub

The University at Buffalo received $1.25 million from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to establish a research center that taps into the university’s expertise in materials science, advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and other fields.

Samsung to irrigate its semiconductor factory with wastewater

As Samsung Semiconductor expands its production lines, the industrial water needed for its facilities will more than double by 2030. To address this demand, Samsung announced its plans to use wastewater to meet its enormous water needs.

NSG begins construction of Japanese solar facility

The NSG Group started installing a solar facility at its Maizuru plant in Japan as part of a power purchase agreement. The agreement will supply renewable electricity generated from solar panels installed on the premises of the Maizuru plant. It is the first onsite solar project for NSG in Japan, and the facility is expected to be operational in October 2024.

Foamit Group to double foam glass manufacturing capacity at Onsøy facility

Foamit is to invest €10 million to double capacity at its foam glass manufacturing facility in Onsøy, Norway. The investment consists of two new electric production lines and the modernization of existing production lines into electric lines.

Uganda to open its first tin refining facility next month

Uganda is set to launch the country’s first tin refining plant in the south-western region next month. The plant, owned by Uganda-based mining and mineral trading company Woodcross Resources, is expected to support the country’s efforts to expand its mineral processing capacity.


RHI Magnesita announces intention to acquire Resco Group

RHI Magnesita plans to acquire Resco Group, a U.S.-based producer of alumina monolithics and a wide range of basic and nonbasic refractories. This acquisition will increase RHI Magnesita’s local production in the U.S. and Canada by transferring large volumes of production from non-U.S. plants to the U.S.-based Resco production facilities.

US-based Suniva and Canada’s Heliene join forces to make solar panels

Georgia-based solar cell producer Suniva and Canada’s Heliene, which has panel-making operations in Minnesota, are joining forces to make solar panels that will enable their customers (U.S. solar project developers) to collect on a lucrative new federal subsidy for U.S.-made clean energy equipment.

Silicon Carbide Innovation Alliance to drive industrial-scale semiconductor work

The Pennsylvania State University launched the Silicon Carbide Innovation Alliance, a coalition of industry leaders, academic institutions, and government support with a focus on becoming the nation’s central hub for research, development, and workforce training in silicon SiC crystal technology.

EU and Japan launch Enhanced Dialogue on advanced materials

The European Union and Japan will work together on developing new materials used in critical sectors of the economy through the EU-Japan Enhanced Dialogue on Advanced Materials, which was announced on April 2, 2024.

Ionic Rare Earths and Viridis to form joint venture to advance rare earth prospects in Brazil

ASX-listed companies Ionic Rare Earths and Viridis Mining and Minerals are to form a 50:50 joint venture company to advance rare earth separation business prospects in Brazil. The joint venture company aims to build a refinery and magnet recycling facility in the country using Ionic Rare Earths subsidiary Ionic Technologies’ separation technology.

Nippon Electric Glass forms audio glass partnership

Japan-based Nippon Electric Glass is collaborating with Glass Acoustic Innovations to deliver ultrathin glass diaphragm technology solutions for audio speakers. Glass Acoustic Innovations manufactures and develops diaphragms from 0.4 mm to as thin as 35 µm for loudspeaker membranes to earphone and headphone membranes.

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute reflects on a century of impact

The 2024 World of Concrete provided the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute a springboard for its 100th anniversary observances. Founded in 1924, CRSI emerged as a trusted industry resource and standards development organization for steel reinforcement, specifically rebar, in concrete construction.

O-I Glass appoints new chief executive officer

O-I Glass, Inc. appointed Gordon J. Hardie as the company’s next chief executive officer. Hardie will continue as a member of O-I’s Board, where he has served since 2015. He succeeds Andres Lopez, who previously announced his intention to retire.

Aclara Resources establishes US subsidiary for rare earths development

Aclara Resources Inc. revealed plans for a U.S.-based subsidiary, Aclara Technologies Inc., aimed at advancing its rare earths separation capabilities in the U.S. Aclara Technologies will source high-purity rare earth carbonates from Aclara’s extraction modules in Chile and Brazil, converting them into individual rare earths oxides in a U.S. separation facility.

Mongolia considers air bridge with United Kingdom for rare earth exports

The Mongolian and British governments are engaged in talks on opening an “air bridge” to increase exports of Ulaanbaatar’s rare earth elements to the West. Mongolia hopes to reduce its dependency on China and Russia by developing partnerships with Western countries to mine, refine, and export its rare earths.

Seron Electronics: Unlocking new science with devices that control electric power

Seron Electronics, founded by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumna, makes scientific equipment that can precisely source and measure power, characterize materials, and chart all of that data in a customizable software platform for multiple industries including clean energy, robotics, biomedicine, and more.


Boom in mining for renewable energy minerals threatens Africa’s great apes

Up to a third of Africa’s great apes are threatened by a boom in mining projects for minerals required for the renewable energy transition, new research shows. Africa is home to an estimated 30% of the world’s mineral resources, and substantial production increases in renewable energy are expected to drive up demand.

Commercial rooftops are the next frontier for energy efficient heat pumps

Heat pumps can cut emissions and energy costs at residential homes. A new federal initiative aims to help them do the same for big commercial buildings.

The rise of magnets—from surgery to outer space

Permanent magnets are a fairly mature, well-established technology. But researchers and companies are spending a lot of time and money on making magnets more powerful and efficient than ever before due to magnets being used in all kinds of ascendant technologies, including electric vehicle motors and wind turbines.

ECJRC study: Single-stream dry recycling collections should be avoided

Results of a new study from the European Commission’s Joint Research Center suggests that single-stream dry recycling collections should be avoided due to environmental and economic costs. Even when the system included a deposit refund scheme for selected material fractions, such as glass bottles and metal cans, it still had the worst performance.


LightPath Technologies announces commercial availability of new infrared glass

LightPath Technologies, Inc. announced the commercial launch of its new BlackDiamond-NRL infrared glass, BDNL-4, a key material in the chalcogenide glass series licensed from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratories as a substitute for germanium.

Duke Energy launches program to pair home solar installations with battery energy storage

Duke Energy is implementing PowerPairSM, a new incentive-based pilot program for installing home solar generation with battery energy storage in its Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress service areas in North Carolina.