Glass substrates maker Absolics on track for $75m CHIPS Act funding for new facility

U.S. CHIPS Act officials signed a preliminary deal with Absolics, an affiliate of the Republic of Korea’s SKC, for $75 million to support the construction of a 120,000-square-foot facility in Georgia that would produce glass substrates for semiconductors.

Holcim breaks ground of state-of-the-art GO4ZERO plant in Belgium for net-zero cement

Holcim hosted the groundbreaking ceremony at its GO4ZERO plant, which is engineered to produce 2 million tons of net-zero cement per annum by 2029 in Obourg, Belgium.

Remondis constructs Polish glass recycling facility

Remondis has started construction of a glass recycling facility in Poland. The facility in Pila, 100 km north of Poznan, is scheduled to begin operations at the end of 2024. It started the construction of a new recycling plant due to the decommissioning of the old one that has existed here since 2007.

University of Texas at Austin launches pioneering hydrogen demonstration research hub

The Center for Electromechanics at the University of Texas at Austin formally opened a first-of-its-kind hydrogen research center at a late April 2024 ceremony. More than 20 industry stakeholders and sponsors support the center, which the university has styled a “proto-hub.”

Can coal mines be tapped for rare earth elements?

Researchers led by the University of Utah documented elevated concentrations of rare earth elements in active mines rimming the Uinta coal belt of Colorado and Utah. These findings open the possibility that these mines could see a secondary resource stream in the form of metals used in renewable energy applications.

White House report paints dire picture of US research infrastructure

An interagency assessment released by the White House stresses that many federal research facilities are now well beyond their 40–50-year estimated lifespan, with about half rated to be in poor or critical condition.


Dow announces capacity extension in SAS Chemicals GmbH to advance façade industry

Dow announced a capacity expansion from its minority equity investment in SAS Chemicals GmbH, a German-based specialty chemical producer of sealants and components used in insulating glass manufacturing, to create a more holistic façade offering. As part of this expansion, SAS Chemicals will expand production in Turkey.

Gerresheimer to acquire Bormioli Pharma

Pharmaceutical glass manufacturer Gerresheimer is to acquire the holding company of Italy’s Bormioli Pharma. Bormioli Pharma has nine production sites in Europe and its portfolio includes pharmaceutical primary packaging made of glass and plastic, as well as closure solutions, accessories, and dispensing systems.

Hyundai Motor, Kia to develop alternative to rare earth materials

Hyundai Motor and Kia established the Hyundai Motor Group Magnetic Material Joint Research Laboratory at Yonsei University’s Sinchon Campus to enhance the technological competitiveness of permanent magnets, which are key components of electric vehicles.

US Critical Materials partners with VerAI for AI-powered rare earth exploration

U.S. Critical Materials Corp. executed a binding term sheet leading to the preparation of definitive agreements with VerAI Discoveries Inc., an artificial intelligence-powered mineral discovery generator, to deploy its AI Targeting Platform technology at Critical Materials’ Sheep Creek rare earth properties in Montana.

NASA working with industry to design more sustainable jet engine core

NASA, alongside industry, will begin designing a new jet engine concept for next-generation ultraefficient airliners. The goal is to develop a small core for a hybrid-electric turbofan jet engine that could reduce fuel burn by 10% compared to today’s engines.

NSF aims to catalyze partnerships between industry and emerging research institutions

The U.S. National Science Foundation announced a new $1.2 million pilot effort to create diverse partnerships among emerging research institutions in U.S. higher education and industry innovators to accelerate the development of breakthrough technologies.

Specialty chemicals supplier Nouryon releases 2023 Sustainability Report

Specialty chemicals supplier Nouryon published its fifth annual sustainability report highlighting the advancements in its portfolio of sustainable solutions in addition to its safety and environmental performance.

Northwestern launches joint mechanical engineering, materials science MS program

Northwestern University’s Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering are collaborating to launch a joint Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering program starting in fall 2024.

Congress orders cost estimate of open-access publishing requirement from White House

Congress included a provision in appropriations legislation enacted in March 2024 requiring the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to conduct an “in-depth financial analysis” of the open access plan for federally funded research and share the results by June 2024.


Report: Engineers have a generational opportunity to harness AI for good

A new report released by the Engineering Research Visioning Alliance identifies key research directions needed to take advantage of the generational opportunity of “AI engineering,” defined as the accelerating convergence of the artificial intelligence and engineering fields to deliver benefits to society.

Report: EV production caution is worldwide; China still dominates

The 300-page Volta Foundation Battery Report 2023 details the pressures on the growing electric vehicle industry. For example, despite growing environmental consciousness and governmental incentives, consumer adoption of EVs remains a gradual process.

Report: Battery storage facilities saved Texas $750 million on peak demand days

According to a new report from Aurora Energy Research, battery storage facilities saved Texas more than $750 million during peak demand days in winter 2024. Conditions in Texas this year indicate the coming summer will be another trying environment.


Making steel with electricity

Massachusetts Institute of Technology spinout Boston Metal is commercializing a new method for making steel based on the electrochemical process of molten oxide electrolysis, which releases oxygen as its sole byproduct. The company is already using this process to recover high-value metals from mining waste at its Brazilian subsidiary.

LionGlass receives GAP funding to help it move from lab to market

Four projects were recently awarded Penn State Commercialization GAP funding, which aims to close the funding gaps between proof-of-concept research and readiness for commercialization. ACerS Fellow John Mauro’s proposal to investigate the recycling and cullet compatibility of LionGlass was one of the projects selected.

Forglass introduces equipment for safer glass recycling

Forglass launched its double roll crusher for effective glass recycling. The crusher minimizes fines in output material, reducing dust emissions and creating a cleaner, safer work environment.