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May 20th, 2010

$38M in DOE Nuclear Energy University Program awards for materials, science, math and systems R&D

Published on May 20th, 2010 | By: pwray@ceramics.org

Today, the DOE announced $38 million in new Nuclear Energy University Programs awards going to 42 university-led R&D projects for awards totaling $38 million.

The projects cover four subject areas:

Fuel Cycle R&D ($11.8 million): Developing novel technology options that will improve used fuel storage, recycling and disposal options.

Gen IV Reactor R&D ($19.9 million): Advanced reactor concepts, including fuels, materials, and reactor modeling; investigation of small and medium-sized reactor concepts; and modeling and simulation, structural materials, energy conversion, instrumentation and control, and innovative manufacturing.

Light Water Reactor Sustainability ($0.8 million): Improving the reliability and sustainability of current reactors through understanding of fundamental aging and degradation behavior in reactor materials; improving inspection and monitoring technologies and development of advanced fuels; and improving safety-margin characterization and life-extension decision making.

Mission-Relevant Investigator-Initiated Research ($5.6 million): “Blue sky” research in engineering, nuclear and health physics, materials science, radiochemistry and nuclear chemistry.

Here are the numbers:

University Subject Area Award
Cal State Fuel Cycle R&D $1.3
Clemson Fuel Cycle R&D $0.61
Drexel Fuel Cycle R&D $1.15
Idaho State Fuel Cycle R&D $0.65
Penn State Fuel Cycle R&D $1.38
RPI Fuel Cycle R&D $0.81
Florida Fuel Cycle R&D $0.89
Michigan (2) Fuel Cycle R&D $0.93
Fuel Cycle R&D $0.41
Missouri, Columbia Fuel Cycle R&D $0.54
Nevada Fuel Cycle R&D $0.99
Wisconsin Fuel Cycle R&D $0.62
Washington State Fuel Cycle R&D $1.45
Georgia Tech Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.05
Idaho State Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.29
Johns Hopkins Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.18
Ohio State Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.37
Penn State Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.00
RPI Gen IV Reactor R&D $0.48
California, Berkeley Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.32
California, Santa Barbara Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.00
Cincinnati Gen IV Reactor R&D $0.83
Michigan (2) Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.00
Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.18
Minnesota (2) Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.37
Gen IV Reactor R&D $0.85
Missouri Gen IV Reactor R&D $0.70
Nevada Gen IV Reactor R&D $0.45
South Carolina Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.37
Washington Gen IV Reactor R&D $0.90
Wisconsin (3) Gen IV Reactor R&D $1.35
Gen IV Reactor R&D $0.53
Gen IV Reactor R&D $0.65
Mississippi State Light Water Reactor Sustainability $0.35
North Carolina State Light Water Reactor Sustainability $0.42
Idaho Investigator-Initiated Research $0.60
North Carolina State Investigator-Initiated Research $1.13
Penn State Investigator-Initiated Research $0.87
California, Berkeley Investigator-Initiated Research $0.38
Cincinnati Investigator-Initiated Research $1.24
Michigan Investigator-Initiated Research $0.80
Wisconsin Investigator-Initiated Research $0.54

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