3M–Ceradyne merger drives innovation in new directions, plus more stories in the September ACerS Bulletin | The American Ceramic Society

3M–Ceradyne merger drives innovation in new directions, plus more stories in the September ACerS Bulletin

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What does the 3M–Ceradyne merger have to do with the highest ACerS awards and engineered refractory aggregates? All are feature stories in the September issue of the ACerS Bulletin, now available online.

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Back in 2012, 3M bought Ceradyne—founded by ACerS DLM Joel Moskowitz—for ~$860 million. How did the two companies merge their innovations and expertise? And what has been happening ever since?

To answer these questions and more, we turned to David Gunderson, global business director for 3M’s advanced ceramics platform, and Biljana Mikijelj, lab manager of the 3M ceramics team and former Ceradyne R&D director for the ceramics platform. Gunderson and Mikijelj provided an insider’s perspective into 3M’s activities since the Ceradyne acquisition to see what new innovations have come from the merge and what’s in store for the future. Open the issue now to read our exclusive Q&A.

The new issue also includes a feature story about how engineering aggregate shape, composition, microstructure, and morphology is the next frontier in refractory design and technology. Authored by Shangzhao Shi and Ningsheng Zhou, the article makes a case for the need for engineered refractory aggregate to improve refractory design and help this important material eliminate defects, improve flow, improve resistance to wear, and much more. Delve into the details of engineered aggregate—it is the next frontier for high-performance refractories.

The September issue also features the annual ACerS Awards section, detailing the 2015 class of Distinguished Life Members, Fellows, and Awards—congratulations to all our Awardees! See who will be honored at this year’s annual ACerS Banquet at MS&T15, October 4–8 in Columbus, Ohio. Join us at the banquet for a hearty round of applause for the entire 2015 class of ACerS Awardees.

In addition to these feature articles, the Bulletin has pages of more great monthly content—research and Society news, meeting previews, new products, student perspectives, and much more.

The current issue is free to all for a short time, but remember that all the valuable content in over ninety years of past issues of the ACerS Bulletin is free only to members—so considering joining us today!