'A ceramic by another name would still be brittle'—Students, release your inner Shakespeare! | The American Ceramic Society

‘A ceramic by another name would still be brittle’—Students, release your inner Shakespeare!

Scanning electron micrograph of a partially agglomerated suspension of alumina particles, which have been directionally freeze-­cast resulting in large alumina agglomerates laced with a fine freeze-­cast structure. Credit: Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington.

As far as we know, William Shakespeare was not a ceramist, but ceramists can be writers!

In fact, most are, whether it is to write lab reports, progress reports, journal articles, memos, theses, PowerPoint presentations, résumés, product descriptions, proposals, performance reviews … ad infinitim.

So why not hone those skills and release your inner Shakespeare by participating in the “Ceramics-in-Writing” contest sponsored by the President’s Council of Student Advisors?

Students are invited to submit an original work of creative writing, 250 words or less, inspired by the micrograph pictured above to ceramicsinwriting@ceramics.org.

As with any contest, there is a prize! Here’s your chance to win an ACerS polo shirt, and the winning entry will be published in the June/July issue of the ACerS Bulletin.

Entries are due by March 29, 2013, by 5 pm PST.