That’s what supposed to occur for the nanophospate lithium-ion battery maker, although the exact dates for IPOs are often a little soft. Right now it looks like 9/23/ or 9/24. A123 first announced its intentions to go public last August.

A123 Systems was one of the four battery making groups who each received a quarter-billion dollar “blessing” from the DOE.

Several of the A123 founders and staff are ACerS members, including MIT’s Yet-Ming Chiang, who is schedule to receive the Society’s Corporate Technical Achievement Award on behalf of the company in October at the upcoming MS&T’09 conference in Pittsburgh.

There is more on this IPO here.

UPDATE I: This post indicates that the “pricing” for A123 shares is beginning today. I am assuming this refers not to the actual sale of A123 shares, but a step in trying to determine the initial price that the shares will be sold at, probably some sort of “book building.”

UPDATE II: The targeted initial asking price for shares has now jumped 23%. According to this report, pricing begins Wednesday (9/23) and sales begins Thursday (9/24).

UPDATE III: Seems underwriting investment banks are brimming with confidence after testing the waters over the last two days. They have upped the initial asking price by about 20 percent and the number of shares by nearly 10 percent:

Battery maker A123 Systems Inc. raised its initial public offering to 28.1 million shares at $13.50 per share early Thursday, just before the stock makes its first appearance on Nasdaq.

This is up 2.4 million shares from a filing from Tuesday, when the company estimated the initial public offering price to be between $10 and $11.50 per share.