[Image above] Amazfit is a new wearable tech company that is debuting with fashionable ceramic activity trackers. Credit: Amazfit

Ceramics are so fashionable.

Last week we learned that the new Apple Watch Edition made a splash with its waterproof ceramic case—and speculations are already arising that next year’s Apple iPhone 8 will follow suit.

But if the Apple Watch Edition’s more than $1,000 price tag doesn’t fit into your budget, there’s a new option to put the latest ceramic-encased tech on your wrist.

Wearable tech company Amazfit recently debuted its simple ceramic activity tracker in the U.S. market—and at a retail price of just $79.99, it provides a more affordable option for adorning your wrist with ceramics.

Akin to the Misfit brand, Amazfit’s tech design is aimed towards individuals who want an activity tracker “disguised as a fashion accessory,” as Amazfit describes.

Amazfit is marketing two wristband styles, Moonbeam and Equator, that differ in color and band styles but use the same ceramic design and technology. Both track activity and sleep, feature alerts and alarms, and charge wirelessly.

Amazfit’s wearables consist of a donut-shaped zirconium oxide ceramic casing that houses its “new generation ADI sensors” and a small-yet-mighty battery that boasts 10 days of life from a single charge.

According to the press release, the ceramic casing “undergoes 30 manufacturing procedures” before being polished to a shiny wearable. “Its hardness is second only to diamond and sapphire, creating a long-lasting, luminescent and strong surface.” Amazfit’s website further details that the zirconium oxide material is fired at 2,642ºF.

The ceramic makes the tracker tough and waterproof, yet lightweight—it weighs in at just 0.5 oz.

Amazfit just launched as a U.S. wearable tech company in 2016, although its tech isn’t new—the company is owned by larger global wearable tech manufacturer Huami. Huami is a leading global wearable tech provider that partners with Xiamoi, a company that has had marked success with economical activity trackers in Asian markets.

“After selling more than 24 million activity trackers in China through our partnership with Xiaomi, we’re excited to further expand our success into the U.S. market,” Frederik Hermann, who leads Amazfit’s U.S. marketing and sales, says in a recent press release. “Amazfit is dedicated to developing beautifully designed products that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives. We want to encourage people to make healthier decisions on small, everyday activities, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, that contribute to an overall healthy and active lifestyle.”

Check out the Amazfit video below to see and hear more from the company’s innovative industrial design team.

Credit: Huami Inc.; YouTube