Tom Friedman must be held accountable | The American Ceramic Society

Tom Friedman must be held accountable

Admittedly, I have a burr up my behind about Tom Friedman’s ability to get paid gazillions for either stating the obvious, stating totally contradictory points, or stating something dangerously provocative – and not being held accountable for it.

And, I admit that Friedman seems to be popular among alternative energy villagers despite evidence that his main motivation seems to me to be little more than making the oil-rich nations “Suck. On. This.”

But, I totally don’t get how easy it is for him to swing (actually, how easily his editors and groupies let him get away with this) from a “free trader” to a  “big-stick” defender of Silicon Valley, to today being a pro-subsidy and industrial policy advocate for global semiconductor makers.

Prediction: Tom will state that Bloom Energy changes everything!