ACerS Fellow Amit Goyal of Oak Ridge National Lab was named Innovator of the Year by R&D Magazine. An ACerS member since 1998, Goyal’s work is focused on high-temperature superconductivity.

R&D Magazine has given Goyal’s work much recognition, having honored his contributions to five R&D 100 Award-winning projects. Just this past year Goyal received two awards, one for his work on “High-performance, high-Tc superconducting wires enabled via self-assembly of nonsuperconducting columnar defects” and one for “Flexible, large-area, single crystal-Like, semiconductor substrates.”

According to an ORNL press release:

Goyal’s technical contributions have been in the area of large-area, low-cost, high-performance “flexible electronic” devices, including superconductor-based and semiconductor-based devices, in 3D self-assembly of nanodots of complex materials within another complex material for device applications, and in controlled synthesis of 1D and 3D nanoarrays for application.

Goyal’s contributions to the field of high-temperature superconducting materials includes solutions to achieving single-crystal-like behavior in long lengths of superconducting material. The greatest impact has been achieving these solutions in cost-effective and large-scale manners, so as to make them viable in manufacturing and viable in the marketplace. Goyal has also patented solutions to creating self-assembled nanoscale defects within superconductors to enhance their performance.

“It is a tremendous honor,” Goyal told the magazine. “The award represents an implicit responsibility of continuing to strive towards full commercialization of the innovations I have been involved with.”

Goyal, who also serves as vice-chair of ACerS’ Electronics Division, joined ORNL as a postdoctoral fellow in 1991 after completing his doctorate at the University of Rochester. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) and received executive business training from Purdue University and the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Goyal will be honored at the 48th Annual R&D 100 Awards Banquet, on Nov. 11 in Orlando, Fla.