Cover Image, Volume 101, Issue 9

[Image above] Credit: Wiley

The recently released 2018 Journal Impact Factor (JIF) report from Clarivate shows the increasing influence of the American Ceramic Society’s journals and Bulletin in the field of ceramic science and engineering.

According to Clarivate, the Impact Factor is a journal-level metric and represents the average number of times a journal’s articles were cited in a given year for articles published during the previous two years. The 2018 report contains journal articles that were cited in 2017.

The most important highlights from this year’s report include:

  • All ACerS publications have higher impact factors than last year
  • The International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology moved up three spots in the category ranking and has returned to the top 10 of the category
  • The Journal of the American Ceramic Society continues to be the most cited journal in the category, with nearly 42,000 citations in 2017
  • The International Journal of Applied Glass Science garnered nearly 50% more citations than it had in 2016
  • ACerS Bulletin also moved up three spots in the category

The data further demonstrates that ACerS publications have enduring quality. All long-term metrics including cited half-life (the mid-point “age” of the cited articles) and 5-year impact factor all increased as well. In addition, all publications had higher “immediacy index” values. This item measures citations in 2017 of articles published in 2017. In other words, not only do ACerS publications have lasting influence, but they continue to publish highly relevant articles that are getting noticed earlier.

It is important to note that ACerS made many significant changes to its journal publishing scheduling in late 2017. Due to the highly lagging nature of the JIF, these changes did not affect the 2017 impact factors. We expect to see large improvements this time next year when the 2019 report is issued—and even bigger changes in 2020. 

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