ACerS' journals pack more punch | The American Ceramic Society

ACerS’ journals pack more punch

Admittedly, we are honking our own horn here, but allow us to brag a little bit about the growing influence of the two peer-reviewed journals of The American Ceramic Society.

The new “Impact Factor” numbers are out and the Journal of the American Ceramic Society remains the highest impact journal in the field. The 2008 ISI Impact Factor grew about 17%, compare last year, to 2.101, extending its lead over its nearest competitor.

The International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, which currently occupies third place, increased its Impact Factor by nearly 9% to 1.488

The news is even better using a longer horizon. In the five-year impact measure, the two ACerS journals lead the way.

The JACerS also leads the way in total citations. The articles in the journal collected a total of nearly 27,000 citations in 2008, nearly 38% more than th second-placed journal.

For information on the 2008 materials science Impact Factors, click here.