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ACerS and Wiley are about to offer you a new publishing experience.

ACerS is pleased to announce the launch of the International Journal of Ceramic Engineering and Science (IJCES), a new online, open access, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal designed to meet the publishing needs of the global ceramic and glass science and engineering communities.

Led by editor-in-chief Ricardo Castro, IJCES is the “ACerS-approved” source for contributions on a broad range of topics, from traditional ceramics (whiteware, refractories, clay, etc.), to advanced systems through innovative ceramic education methods and conservation efforts.  IJCES provides a home for scholarly articles from engineers and scientists in academia, government, and industry, whose funding organizations may require open access or whose important work may not fit into ACerS three existing journals.

“This journal is a unique communication platform targeting engineering and science advances at all stages of ceramic and glass research and application,” Castro writes in an email. “IJCES is complementary, not competitive or redundant to its sister ACerS journals. It offers a greater breadth of topics and, most importantly, reach—all while offering the certain advantages of the Gold Open Access.”

IJCES is expected to have significant impact on the scientific community due to its attractiveness to new groups of authors and readers. The journal will cover a broad spectrum of topics on ceramics, including functional systems, refractory science and technologies, processing engineering, and more.

As a Gold Open Access journal, IJCES provides high-quality information to engineers and scientists, including those who have limited access to subscription journals. When funders require authors to publish in Gold Open Access journals,IJCES’ highly-respected editors have the qualifications and experience to evaluate even the most comprehensive submissions.

However, the main acceptance criteria are thoroughness of methodologies and analysis in context of existing literature. IJCES addresses the needs of ACerS conferences presenters and others who wish to publish “work in progress” presented in a peer-reviewed journal. JACerS, ACT, and IJAGS editors encourage authors who don’t meet the standards of those journals to transfer their articles to IJCES—which will keep good quality work within the ACerS journal family.

Wiley and ACerS will offer discounts for IJCES article processing charges (APCs)—including 20% for ACerS members, 10% for articles transferred from ACerS other journals, and various institutional, geographic, and conference-based discounts and waivers.

It has taken many years and significant efforts from ACerS and Wiley to get to this point. But there is more to do and the editors hope you will help make IJCES an integral part of the ACerS journal family. Please tell your colleagues about IJCES and consider joining the editorial advisory board. And we look forward to your first submission to IJCES!

Visit this page to submit your manuscript. For more information and to learn more about the aims and scopes, visit this page or contact Jonathon Foreman, managing editor, at jforeman@ceramics.org.

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