Luminescence of Quantum dots

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The January/February 2021 issue of ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

In this month’s issue, we look at ceramics for display applications. Authors Yoon Hee Nam, Hansol Lee, and Woon Jin Chung give an overview of quantum dots and nanocrystal-embedded glasses for display applications, and they look at the expected marketplace potential of these devices in the near future.

In addition to the cover story, this month’s “Deciphering the Discipline” column looks at Matthew Wong’s research on microLEDs for displays. The “Business and Market View” column provides an overview of the global market for quantum dot LED lighting and displays.

This year is Volume 100 of the ACerS Bulletin. Bulletin editor Eileen De Guire delivers a special message to readers in honor of the occasion. A column reviewing the Bulletin’s history by decade will appear in each issue, starting with the 1920s.

This issue also contains an overview by William Headrick (RHI Magnesita) and Kate Chalfin (ASTM) on the definitive standard tests for refractories, including ruggedness test, interlaboratory study, and precision and bias overview.

Finally, meet ACerS new president, Dana Goski. Goski is vice president of research and development at Allied Mineral Products in Columbus, Ohio, and she was a guest on ACerS podcast Ceramic Tech Chat in June.

You’ll find a lot more interesting content inside this—and every issue—of the ACerS Bulletin. The current issue is free to all for a short time, but remember that all the valuable content in over ninety years of past issues of the ACerS Bulletin is free only to members—so considering joining us today!