03-13 JACE_bestpapers

Credit: Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Wiley (leftmiddleright)

The editors of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society selected 19 articles from among the more than 600 articles published in 2018 that exemplify excellence for the science of advanced ceramics.  These articles span the range of ceramic science, including topics such as advanced sintering, in-situ measurements, grain boundary engineering, and modeling of processes and structures.

These articles are posted to the JACerS’Featured Content” page on WileyOnline (go to the “Browse” on the JACerS menu bar). You can access these articles via this link or by going to ACerS Publication Central.

Authors will present their work at the second annual JACerS Awards Symposium to be held at the MS&T 2019 meeting in Portland, Oregon. The inaugural symposium held during MS&T 2018 was highly successful, with large audiences and excellent conversations.

For more information about the Best Papers or the JACerS Awards Symposium, please contact Jonathon Foreman, managing editor at jforeman@ceramics.org.