01-04 JACerS best of 2021

[Image above] Credit: ACerS

For the past few years, the editorial team at the Journal of the American Ceramic Society has chosen several papers as the best from among the myriad articles published in the previous year. The authors are invited to present their work at ACerS Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the MS&T conference.

The best papers candidates are selected using several criteria, including recommendations from reviewers and associate editors, comments from readers, and numbers of downloads and citations. The editors review the candidate articles and select those that have promise to greatly impact our community.

The 2021 Journal of the American Ceramic Society Award Symposium was held this past October in Columbus, Ohio, at ACerS Annual Meeting at MS&T21. The best papers for 2021 are listed below along with the corresponding authors.

DC electrical degradation of YSZ: voltage controlled electrical metallization of a fast ion conducting insulator Chen, I-Wei 
Intrinsic second-order nonlinearity in chalcogenide glasses containing HgI2 Tverjanovich, Andrey 
Effect of catalyst on carbon nanotubes synthesis on titanium diboride via chemical vapor deposition Lin, Jia 
Temperature stability of a pure metakaolin K-geopolymer: Part 2. Variations in the mesoporous network and its rehydration abilityRenaudin, Guillaume 
A novel approach to lightweight alumina-carbon refractories for flow control of molten steel Yan, Wen 
Direct ink writing of hierarchical porous alumina stabilized emulsions: Rheology and printability Franks, George 
Effect of moisture on the oxidation behavior of ZrB2 Naraparaju, Ravisankar 
Thermochemical principles of the production of lightweight aggregates from waste coal bottom ashBalapour, Mohammad 
Ultrahigh energy storage density and charge-discharge performance in novel sodium bismuth titanate-based ceramics Bian, Shuaishuai 
Identification of core/shell Structure in Cd-Zn-Se QDs inside silicate glasses using 3D elemental distribution analysis Heo, Jong 
Processing of MAX Phases: from synthesis to applications Gonzalez-Julian, Jesus 
Domain walls in ferroelectrics Mantri, Sukriti 
In situ combined stress- and temperature-dependent Raman spectroscopy of Li-doped (Na,K)NbO3Khansur, Neamul