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The August 2021 issue of ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

In this month’s issue, we look at materials for electronics, including where they come from to where they go. Author Patty McKenzie reports on how the R2 Standard for electronics recycling can aid the move toward a circular economy, while author Carol Handwerker talks about some of the short-term and long-term factors driving the current global semiconductor shortage. Author Jacques van Putten describes the work being done by Netherlands-based cullet inspection company Flexty B.V. on using recycled glass in manufacturing.

The August issue features the annual United States Geological Survey Minerals Commodity Summaries. The section opens with a summary of the main trends discussed in this year’s 2021 report and is followed by a two-page infographic highlighting several salient statistics, including end use industries, global production trends, and leading producers.

This issue also includes an overview of the Penn State – American Ceramic Society –­ University of Kiel (PACK) Fellowship Program, which provides opportunities for graduate students in the United States to travel to Germany and conduct cutting-edge research on magnetic field sensing, biomedical systems, and neuromorphic computing at U Kiel. Plus, a two-page preview of the upcoming Ceramics Expo 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio, lets you know what to expect.

Finally, check out the “Into the Bulletin Archives” column, which is part of this year’s ongoing celebrations for ACerS Bulletin Volume 100. The August column takes a look at the Bulletin’s history in the 1970s, including how the Society participated in celebrating the bicentennial of the United States.

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