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The May 2024 issue of ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

In this month’s issue, we look at novel glass systems and approaches to sustainable glass processing. The cover story by J. David Musgraves overviews advances in chalcogenide glasses in the past six decades and suggests possible future developments. A second feature article by Scott Cooper and Kerry Ward describes a new federally funded program led by the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council that aims to advance electric melting technology in the U.S. glass industry. The final feature article by Cheol-Woon Kim of MO-SCI LLC discusses using glass for passivation in semiconductor applications.

In addition to the feature stories, the “Deciphering the Discipline” column by Julianne Chen provides an update on the development of LionGlass, Penn State’s patent-pending zinc aluminosilicophosphates family of glasses for sustainable manufacturing. Meanwhile, the “Business and Market View” column looks at the market for medical device coatings, including materials used and coating types.

Two more columns provide further discussion on the issue’s theme. The “Industry Perspectives” column by Brian Sjogren of SCHOTT North America describes how glass is fabricated and used in augmented reality systems. The “Journal Highlights” column by ACerS journals managing editor Jonathon Foreman gives a sneak peek inside ACerS’ latest Topical Collection, which contains recent articles on the topic of processing approaches to sustainable glass and ceramic production.

Finally, learn about the new hypersonic materials training program that ACerS is developing in partnership with the United States Advanced Ceramics Association. Questions about the program can be directed to Amanda Engen, ACerS director of communications and workforce development, at aengen@ceramics.org.

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