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The September 2021 issue of ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

In this month’s issue, we look at advancements in processing high-performance materials. In the cover story, Shay Harrison and Mark Schaefer describe the work by Free Form Fibers on using laser-driven chemical vapor deposition to fabricate high-performance fibers and powders. An accompanying article by authors Steve Feller and Mario Affatigato overviews the glass research program of Coe College, which works exclusively with undergraduate students.

Plus, student Kah Leng looks at the development of high-performance ceramics for next-generation thermal barrier coatings in the “Deciphering the Discipline” column, and the “Business and Market View” column explores how big science projects are affecting the aerospace industry.

The September issue features the annual announcement of ACerS Awards of 2021. In addition to this year’s Distinguished Life Members— William E. Lee, Kathleen A. Richardson, and Anil Virkar—the Society will elevate 17 members to Fellow and recognize many more outstanding members with various Society, Division, and Class awards during the ACerS Annual Honor and Awards Banquet Reception on Oct. 18, 2021, in Columbus, Ohio.

This issue also contains the latest issue of Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing, which looks at the value of partnerships between industry, government, and academia. The main story contains interviews with Paul Weinberger (SpheroFill, president and CEO), Rick Weber (Materials Development Inc., president), Tim Gross (Corning Inc., research fellow), and David Gottfried (Alfred University’s Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology, deputy director of business development) on successful collaborations. An accompanying article interviews Darryl Butt, dean of the College of Mines and Earth Sciences at the University of Utah, on his work as a volunteer with ABET, an engineering and technology accreditation board for college and university programs.

Finally, check out the “Into the Bulletin Archives” column, which is part of this year’s ongoing celebration for ACerS Bulletin Volume 100. The September column takes a look at the Bulletin’s history in the 1980s, including several changes to the Society’s branding that are still in use today.

You’ll find a lot more interesting content inside this—and every issue—of the ACerS Bulletin. The current issue is free to all for a short time, but remember that all the valuable content in over ninety years of past issues of the ACerS Bulletin is free only to members—so considering joining us today!