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The March 2024 issue of ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

This month’s issue focuses on using different methods and procedures to determine the root cause of various material failures and behaviors. The first feature story by senior applications scientists at Bruker Corporation (Madison, Wis.) provides a high-level overview of several analytical X-ray technologies. The second feature story by Tom Vert describes the fundamentals to conducting a proper root cause analysis. The third feature story by researchers at Imerys Technology Center (Vaulx-Milieu, France) and the University of Limoges, France, discusses their development of a novel discrete element method to deepen understanding of the refractory microstructure–property relationship.

In addition to the feature stories, this month’s “Deciphering the Discipline” column by student Jackson Spurling describes his work on using entropy-inspired materials design for next-generation electroceramics. The “Business and Market View” column overviews the global market for nondestructive testing equipment and services and spotlights some of the rules and regulations adopted by different governments and authorities to regulate this industry.

This issue also contains a timely feature article by Mario Affatigato that profiles physicist William Houlder Zachariasen and his contributions to the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project recently gained renewed attention due to the popular movie “Oppenheimer,” which is nominated for several awards at the upcoming Oscars in March 2024.

Finally, the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation recently welcomed a new program manager, Lori Houghton, who you can learn more about in the Spotlight section of the March 2024 Bulletin.

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