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ACerS staff goes to school for Westerville Science Night

0225ctt Wville_Bones

0226ctt Wville_Geiger

ACerS staffer Greg Geiger explains how ceramics are used for bone repair to some visitors to Westerville Science Night last Thursday. Credit: ACerS.

Megan Bricker, Tricia Freshour, and Greg Geiger from the ACerS staff introduced elementary students from our headquarter’s town to ceramics. Megan brought back this report. 

Cherrington Elementary School (Westerville, Ohio) hosted a Westerville Science Night, on Thursday, February 20th. This was a K-12 program where Cherringtom Elementary invited Westerville School students, parents and teachers out for a night of science. ACerS staff Megan Bricker, Greg Geiger, and Tricia Freshour showcased ceramic and glass items and fielded questions from participants. ACerS was among 10 other organizations talking about the importance of science in our society today. Other organizations included NASA, Dawes Arboretum, Scott Courts and Battelle for kids, just to name a few. The Ceramics room was a favorite among students and parents! Participants learned about the importance of ceramics in our world today, and they got to handle cool ceramic items such as a space tile, ceramic armor, and ceramic bones (see the featured image above). They also got to see a multitude of other engineered ceramics, such as, ball bearings, a turbine, and electric automobile oxygen sensors. Participants were invited to try out a ceramic putter and go for a hole in one.

Students, parents, and teachers were fascinated by all the things that we use ceramics for today. A couple parents even remembered touring the The American Ceramic Society when they were kids as part of a science field trip and said that it really opened their eyes to the world of ceramics. Teachers and parents had the opportunity to look at the ACerS PCSA materials science kits and took information away about the kits so that they could continue the materials science discussions with students.

0225ctt Wville_Armor girls

Checking out the ceramic body armor. Credit: ACerS.

0225ctt Wville-Putter

These boys watch closely to see whether the ceramic putter improves Dad’s putting game. Credit: ACerS.