Much has been written about diversity—or the lack thereof—in the scientific community (see here, here, and here).

But when do words turn to action?

An important first step includes open dialogue about the issues and a plan of action to meet them head on.

You have the opportunity to be a part of the conversation by attending the TMS Summit on Creating and Sustaining Diversity in the Minerals, Metals and Materials Professions 1 (DMMM1), July 29–31, at the National Academy of Sciences Building. Rather than just talk about the issue of diversity, DMMM1 will provide a venue for developing actionable strategies and skills for creating a culture of inclusion at your workplace.

The summit, which will include invited speakers, panel and facilitated discussions, as well as workshop-style sessions, is geared toward early and midcareer professionals in government, industry, and academia, but should be of particular interest for human resource pros and diversity officers from the country’s top science and engineering organizations.

As an endorsing organization that has championed a more inclusive scientific community through its various initiatives, ACerS will be represented well at the meeting.

ACerS members involved in the event include board member Keith Bowman and Jennifer Lewis, who will be a part of the Midcareer and Leadership hybrid panel discussion–working sessions, respectively. A full programming schedule, including topics and speakers, is available here. Bowman and Carol Handwerker also served on the DMMM1 advisory committee.

It’s important to note also that in order to facilitate active and actionable discussions and strategies, the summit is limited to 300 participants, so if you’re serious about making the science and engineering communities more inclusive, don’t hesitate to reserve your spot now. Discounted registration is available until June 28.