Adieu Montreal—MS&T'13 wraps up and video interviews with Mug Drop students | The American Ceramic Society

Adieu Montreal—MS&T’13 wraps up and video interviews with Mug Drop students

Expo copy

The premier conference for materials science and engineering wrapped up on Thursday, October 31 after four days of technical conferences, society business and committee meetings, university reunions, banquet celebrations, and Montreal hospitality.

Tuesday and Wednesday featured the Exhibition, which gave 130 vendors and customers a chance to meet and talk about ways to solve problems. The exhibit hall was also the site for the Mug Drop contest, the new Disc Throw contest, and the poster session. See Jim’s report for all the details about those events. For the inside scoop on the Mug Drop contest, Myranda Ferris shares her winning strategy in the video link below. Also, Jake Ivy tells us how he made the “Most aesthetic mug” of the competition. His aesthetic eye even carries over to his wardrobe, as you will see in the video!

Award lectures are an important part of the conference’s technical program. Sheldon Weiderhorn gave the Orton Lecture, named after Edward Orton, Jr., a founding member of the American Ceramic Society. He surveyed the literature regarding crack nucleation and growth in glass, making the observation that new characterization tools that allow imaging at the nanoscale may justify revisiting some older theories regarding crack growth that did not get much traction when first proposed. 

Like all of you who were there, Jim and I came back with a bundle of new business cards from new contacts and a lot of new ideas to digest. You will continue to see the fruits of our visit in CTT and the ACerS Bulletin. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our last few photos from MS&T’13.

Video: Interview with Myranda Ferris, winner of Mug Drop 2013


Video: Interview with Jake Ivy, “Most aesthetic mug” creator of Mug Drop 2013




Finding out what customers need. (Credit: ACerS.)


Showing is as important as telling. A PTX-Pentronix representative describes the company’s product to a prospective customer. (Credit: ACerS.)

Winning mug

Student mug drop contest. The eventual winner shown at one of its successful drops. See Jim’s report for full details. (Credit: ACerS.)


Busted! Bad news—these mugs failed in the mug drop contest. Good news—failure analysis can be a lucrative and satisfying career path. (Credit: ACerS.)


Speaking of failure, few have studied it more successfully than Sheldon Wiederhorn, whose Orton Lecture titled “Griffith Cracks at the Nanoscale,” focusing on failure mechanisms in silica-based glass. (Credit: ACerS.)

Faber Heuer

Katherine Faber (Northwestern University) and Arthur Heuer (Case Western Reserve University) work out a fine point after Weiderhorn’s talk. (Credit: ACerS.)

ASM cake

ASM International—an MS&T partner—celebrated its centenary with a gala dinner (and delicious cake) on Sunday and other commemorative events at MS&T. Congratulations to our sister society! (Credit: ACerS.)