[Image above] Screen cap from an unofficial YouTube video of a test between a Kyocera sapphire screen and impact-resistant glass. Credit: Randy Katz, YouTube. 

Those iPhone 6 sapphire rumors just won’t die. The schizophrenic chatter (all models, only on premium models) and the will they-won’t they (they will, they won’t)—well, it’s just plain dizzying.

But Apple isn’t the only kid on the sapphire block—and this time around, it’s Kyocera who’s making waves with talk of its own sapphire-screened smartphone.

According to a CNET report, the mobile manufacturer is hard at work in creating its own hard-to-scratch display.

A YouTube video (included below) shows the company’s sapphire screen—and a not-so-scratch-resistant, impact-resistant glass— standing tough against the darkest of cell phone nightmares (rocks, drops, and all-around anguish).

Credit: Randy Katz; YouTube

CNET reports that though company officials have not confirmed its legitimacy, their source reports it is, in fact, actual video from the lab. Additionally, the company has posted its own YouTube video teasing the Kyocera Sapphire Shield—“a truly affordable, pure sapphire display.”

Kyocera has synthesized sapphire for more than 41 years, including in its electronics, LED lighting, and watches, so to announce that they are planning to include it in a smartphone just seems to make sense. However, making it “truly affordable” will be the real test for the smartphone company.

No official word on when the new display might make its debut—the promo video (check it out below) offers a very vague “coming soon”—but we’ll be certain to let you know when it finds its way to market.

 Credit: Kyocera Mobile; YouTube