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Spring is calling, and it’s saying that the April issue of the ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

The theme of April’s issue is all about advanced ceramics. To get you oriented, we’ve put together an introduction with the help of market analyst researchers at the Freedonia Group. Complete with a one-page market summary and a lively infographic, you’re soon to be an expert on the advanced ceramics market.

The latest issue features a cover story that’s sure to shape your future, as Ceramco’s Thomas Henriksen takes us on plant tour to show us how his company makes custom ceramic components using near net shaping. From the factory floor to the finished products, Henriksen details how ceramic injection molding allows the company versatility, flexibility, and efficiency.

George Quinn and James Varner also present a fascinating account and history of Alfred University’s short course on fractography of glass and ceramics. Continuously running since 1977, the course maintains many of the same principles and visions of its founder, fractography expert Van Derck Fréchette. The course hands out hands-on instruction, providing participants with case studies and real-life puzzles. You’ll have to read the article to discover how the course’s experts solved the mystery of the broken windows at Boston’s Plywood Palace.

Finally, April’s pages are jam-packed with one more feature article—this one all about ceramic materials used in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry. You may or may not realize how pervasive ceramics are in this important industry, but their roots run deep. And there’s still room for growth, author Mahendra Patel points out.

The Deciphering the Discipline column—our monthly student-written article—follows Kara Luitjohan’s travels to Columbia to implement an engineering-based community service project. She learned crucial life lessons from the worldview-shaping experience that she now carries forward to her graduate studies.

With loads more news, research, products, meetings, and more, the ACerS Bulletin is ready for reading.

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