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If you subscribe to ACerS Bulletin, you might be familiar with the monthly business and market view column that includes excerpts from various research reports provided by BCC Research. These columns provide valuable insights and trends for various ceramic and glass industry sectors, gleaned from the company’s extensive research reports.

BCC Research is now offering ACerS members 15% off of BCC Research subscriptions and market research reports.

So what does this mean for you?

Let’s say you are conducting research or working on a new product involving electroceramics and you want to know how big the global market is, what it’s worth, and how it’s trending. If you were a BCC Research subscriber, you would only need to head over here, click the button, and download the report with only your login credentials. If you were to purchase the report separately, it would cost you $3,900 ($3,315 for ACerS members).

Or, what if you just came up with a novel method of additive manufacturing? What global market opportunities exist for 3-D printed technical ceramics? Nonmembers can download a free overview to view highlights of the market, study objectives, audiences, scope of report, and more. The full report would cost $5,500 ($4,675 for ACerS members).

But let’s be real. Odds are, you’ll probably need to access additional research reports in the future, especially if you want to stay on top of the latest market trends and research, or if your company has multiple target audiences, for instance. The good news is that you can access a full year of reports for as little as $8,000 ($6,800 for ACerS members), depending on the type of membership you choose. That’s less than the cost of two reports!

BCC Research offers three levels of membership, according to its website.

  • Category—Members have access to a specific business category, such as healthcare, advanced materials, or manufacturing
  • Collection—Members have access to reports curated by specific industry or discipline, such as life sciences
  • Unlimited—Members have access to every report in the library

While perusing the website, you can even get immediate answers to your questions—the website offers a live chat function. I chatted with Lindsay Bothell, member services research advisor, who explained the differences between the three membership levels.

“The price of a membership depends on the number of verticals to which the company would like to access, as well as the number of users they would like to register,” she explains in our chat.

I was also curious about the Collections membership category. “We have also introduced Collections, such as life sciences, that combine multiple verticals that are loosely related,” Bothell adds. “What’s neat about the collections is that they will also include reports from other verticals if the subject applies.”

In other words, Collections is essentially a collection of similar categories, which would be appropriate if your company had multiple product lines targeting similar audiences.

“Some of the other collections include sensor applications and technologies, energy and the environment, materials, and technology and manufacturing,” Bothell writes in the chat.

The live chat feature is relatively new. Bothell says that the company has several member services research advisors available to help members find information in the library, either by phone, email, or chat.

BCC Research has nearly 50 years of research focused on science and technology markets. To learn more about subscriber benefits, including the discount for ACerS members, visit this link.

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