0522ctt-ICC4lores Attendees at ICC4, held in Chicago in 2012. The 5th International Congress on Ceramics will convene in Beijing, China, August 14–21. Credit: ACerS

Over the years, the biennial International Congress on Ceramics has crisscrossed the globe, converging in Toronto (2006), Verona (2008), Osaka (2010), and Chicago (2012).

In 2014, Beijing will play host to delegates from the International Ceramic Federation (ICF) for the 5th International Congress on Ceramics (ICC5), August 14–21 at the Beijing International Convention Center.

Organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society, in cooperation with ACerS, the European Ceramic Society, the Ceramic Society of Japan, and other ICF member societies, ICC5 will bring together global business and technology leaders, scientists, and researchers to share ideas about the state and future of ceramic and inorganic materials.

David Green, ACerS president, and Charlie Spahr, executive director, will both attend and represent ACerS in Beijing.

“Our ICF partners, and the ICC meeting itself, are important elements of ACerS’s outreach to the international ceramics community,” says Spahr. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to strengthen these relationships during ICC5.”

According to the ICC5 website, the week-long congress is also an opportunity to “engage the worldwide ceramics community in a collective effort to expand the use of these materials in both conventional as well as new and exciting applications.” 

Plenary speakers include:

  • Qikun Xue, Tsinghua University, “Atomic level control of quantum material growth: From quantized anomalous Hall effect to interface enhanced high temperature superconductivity with ceramics”
  • David R. Clarke, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, “Oxide thermoelectrics: A major opportunity for the global ceramics community”
  • Wilhelm Siemen, “Ceramics and its dimensions—where cultural heritage inspires future creativity”
  • Hideki Iba, “Innovative batteries for sustainable mobility”

Though the full program isn’t yet available, detailed descriptions of the symposiums can be found here.

A note about registration: Early bird registration may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should wait any longer to reserve your spot. For details or to register online, click here. Hotel information is also available on the ICC5 site.

Feature image: Beijing International Convention Center. Credit: Wikimedia Commons; CCL