MS&T14 (October 12–16 in Pittsburgh, Pa.) is not only the Super Bowl of materials science, but also the site of ACerS 116th Annual Meeting, during which the Society will honor its awards class of 2014. That class includes four lecturers who will explore innovations in and the expanded sustainability of advanced ceramics; the enigmas of borate glasses and crystals; new demands for high-performance optical fibers; and a single analytical framework for examining brittle fracture strength. In the weeks leading up to the meeting, we preview these award lectures—four not to miss at MS&T14.

Rossner_125x148As our planet’s population balloons, so, too, do the global challenges we face. Problem number one? Finding enough energy, food, and water sources to meet the growing demand. Problem number two? Developing innovative thinking and sustainable technology to take on those demands.

Enter materials—specifically, ceramic materials—which continue to provide solutions to everyday challenges such as environmental protection, energy supply and generation, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Wolfgang Rossner, research manager at Siemens AG’s (Munich, Germany) Corporate Technology group, will share how promising new applications in advanced ceramics—from the replacement of materials approaching their theoretical performance limit, and lightweight and stress-tolerant hybrid composites, to complex layered ceramics and coatings—are driving innovation in materials technology and manufacturing processes during ACerS Frontiers of Science and Society–Rustum Roy Lecture, Sunday, October 12 at 5 p.m., in Room 406 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. (Read more about the award here.)

Four reasons to attend

  1. You love materials, specifically ceramics. (Obviously.)
  2. You’re concerned about sustainability—and how new applications in advanced ceramics are driving innovation in the field of materials technology and manufacturing processes.
  3. You are interested in the enhanced discovery, design, and deployment of new ceramics, and have four friends who feel the same (bring them, too!).
  4. ACerS short courses will already be over—so there’s no reason to let the learning end.


Four facts about the lecturer

  1. Rossner’s research interests include high-temperature ceramics and related composites and advanced ceramic processing technologies, including additive manufacturing tech.
  2. Rossner is materials royalty—Siemens dubbed him “King of Ceramics.”
  3. He’s the recipient of the Siemens innovation award (1997) for the development of scintillating ceramics for application in medical X-ray computer tomography. A decade later, he was selected as Siemens Top Innovator in the field of luminescent and optical ceramics.
  4. Rossner is cochairing a joint board of the German Ceramic Society and German Society for Materials for advanced ceramics. Additionally, he’s a research consultant for Fraunhofer Society and Materials Research Center Freiburg, both in Germany.


Four things to remember

  1. Who—Wolfgang Rossner of Siemens AG
  2. What—ACerS Frontiers of Science–Rustum Roy Lecture
  3. When/Where—Sunday, October 12 at 5 p.m., Room 406 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pa.
  4. Why—See “Four reasons to come” (and see you there!)

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