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The August issue of the ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

This hot-off-the-press issue features a cover story that’s sure to generate some interest—the use of bioactive glasses in biomedical applications. Bioactive glasses were originally developed for bone and dental applications, areas where the materials have experienced considerable success. But an analysis of current research by bioactive glass experts Valentina Miguez-Pacheco, David Greenspan, Larry Hench, and Aldo Boccaccini clearly demonstrates that bioactive glasses’ potential is stretching much further—into soft tissue applications.

This burgeoning area of research highlights vast potential for bioactive glasses, and the authors provide a concise-yet-complete summary of current research in the field. In addition to revolutionary applications in wound healing and nerve regeneration, the authors predict that the near future will bring new soft tissue applications for bioactive glasses that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

The August issue also features highlights from the United States Geological Survey Minerals Commodity Summary 2015, an annual publication that provides statistics and trends for a slew of raw minerals. Eileen provides an introductory look into the minerals commodity world, with an overview look into this all-important sector. After all, all products begin their lives as raw materials.

In the past, we’ve highlighted the minerals summary with a lot of text and conventional charts. But we decided to mix it up this year with an infographic table that provides a brief and organized snapshot of some of the most important commodities for the glass and ceramics world. Interested in learning more about a specific raw material, or want to delve into the full 199-page report? Just scan the QR code, which will take you to the full Minerals Commodity Summary.

Notice something else different? The August Bulletin also debuts a new department dedicated to manufacturing, called Ceramics in Manufacturing. Be sure to check it out—and remember, we always value our readers’ input. See something you like or don’t like? Have a great suggestion? We want to hear what you think!

The latest Bulletin continues to highlight the ever-important student perspective in the Deciphering the Discipline column, which comes to us this month from Stoney A. Middleton. Middleton, a senior undergraduate in materials science engineering at University of California, Irvine, charts his military to civilian transfer, a personal journey that also manages to instill important life lessons for us all.

In addition to all the other ceramics and glass community content filling the remaining pages of the August Bulletin, be sure to find and peruse the premeeting planner for MS&T15, which will take Columbus, Ohio, by storm October 4–8. After you see all the great content awaiting for you at the meeting this fall, be sure to secure your spot—online registration is now open.

Now get reading!