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Isn’t it great living in a digital world—there’s all the content you could ever want (and probably a lot that you never want) just sitting there, waiting for you to explore.

Loyal ACerS members used to have to wait eagerly by their mailboxes for the next issue of the ACerS Bulletin to crawl through the postal system and find its way home. Thanks to the handy dandy internet, the latest ACerS Bulletin is here for you now, begging you to read all the great content we could pack into its pages before those pages are even printed.

(Speaking of the internet, how long do you think it will remain handy dandy, in light of the recent net neutrality debate?)

This issue’s feature article, by authors Michael M. Porter and Joanna McKittrick, has a great title: “It’s tough to be strong: Advances in bioinspired structural ceramic-based materials.” Porter and McKittrick explore how nature uses microstructure to create incredibly strong materials—such as bone, nacre, and tusk—and how ceramic processing can mimic those strategies to create equally impressive synthetic materials.

The June/July issue also contains the annual student section, which this year highlights the student experience. Students have shared their thoughts on internships, co-ops, study abroad programs, and research and life experiences. Two students, Liangfa Hu and Bradley Richards, also give us some great perspectives on how students view current materials science and technology education through the results of a student survey. Do you know the state of materials and ceramic education today? What the students themselves have to say may surprise you.

As always, there’s also information on upcoming meetings, research news, trends, and more great content. Plus, don’t forget all the Society news—this issue importantly features the incoming 2014–2015 ACerS officers. So, open those pages and meet the new faces of ACerS!

Don’t forget, past issues of the ACerS Bulletin are also free to members—so considering joining today.