At the end of each week, I end up with a list of a bunch of stories I started to write about, or started to investigate or didn’t even get that far even though the topic looked intriguing, but, I had a meeting to go to …

Anyway, it’s Friday, and rather than have these stories evaporate into the ether, I’ve close out each week by providing some raw links to some of these orphan tales. Check ‘em out:

VCU Researchers May Have a New Class of Highly Electronegative Chemical Species

Yale scientists trick bacteria into incorporating foreign small molecules and embedding them within the cell wall.

Kinetics of fiber solidification, such as solidification kinetics of nanotube composite fibers (PNAS paper)

Fundamental limit of nanophotonic light trapping in solar cells (PNAS paper)

Particle size matters more than previously thought in crucial redox reactions