The premier issue of ACerS’ new quarterly glass journal has just been put online and – good news – all of the content of this first issue is available for free!

    The International Journal of Applied Glass Science has been in development for over a year, and the demand for such a publication is the direct result of the growing call for glass and glass-related materials in the world’s emerging technologies, such as energy, medicine, transportation, construction, environment, optics and defense.

    The inaugural issue of IJAGS is organized on the theme of “Modern Aspects of Non-crystalline Solids.” This theme allows editor L. David Pye and his international advisory board to present something of a survey of articles on modern glassmaking, glass science, strength, architecture, aesthetics, photo-electric properties and bioglass materials written by an amazing set of authors including Richard K. Brow, Larry L. Hench, Carol M. Jantzen and Rustum Roy.

    Here is an abbreviated table of contents:

    • Glass Science and Glassmaking: A Personal Perspective (p 3-15)
      Rustum Roy
    • How Do Crystals Form and Grow in Glass-Forming Liquids: Ostwald’s Rule of Stages and Beyond (p 16-26)
      Jürn W. P. Schmelzer, Vladimir M. Fokin, Alexander S. Abyzov, Edgar D. Zanotto, Ivan Gutzow
    • The Strength of Silicate Glasses: What Do We Know, What Do We Need to Know? (p 27-37)
      Charles R. Kurkjian, Prabhat K. Gupta, Richard K. Brow
    • Durable Glass for Thousands of Years (p 38-62)
      Carol M. Jantzen, Kevin G. Brown, John B. Pickett
    • Glass and Light (p 63-73)
      Hong Li, Mark J. Davis, Alexander J. Marker, III, Joseph S. Hayden
    • Glasses for Photonic Applications (p 74-86)
      Kathleen Richardson, Denise Krol, Kazuyuki Hirao
    • Glass Substrates for Liquid Crystal Displays (p 87-103)
      Adam Ellison, Iván A. Cornejo
    • Glass and Medicine (p 104-117)
      Larry L. Hench, Delbert E. Day, Wolfram Höland, Volker M. Rheinberger
    • Glass in Architecture (p 118-129)
      Mehran Arbab, James J. Finley

    Both the print and online versions of IJAGS are produced in partnership with Wiley Periodicals.

    The online version of future issues of IJAGS will always be available at no charge to ACerS members through the Society’s website, while subscriptions (or single-article purchases) to either version are available to the public through Wiley.