Unitecr_smallA conference is not really over until its proceedings are published. Proceedings comprise the “official record” of technical content from a conference and are valuable collections of new ideas and updates on progress.

The proceedings from two of our largest conferences from last year—PacRim and Unitecr—have just been released and are now available through the Wiley website. The can be purchased as hardcover books or as e-Books. (Enter the special code CERAM to get a 35 percent discount.)

Organizers of Unitecr—the Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories—offered authors an opportunity to have their proceedings papers peer reviewed. Of the 231 papers in the Unitecr proceedings, 50 are peer reviewed. (I’d love to see this model adopted by other conference organizers. It would go a long way to improving the “shelf life” of proceedings articles.)

The Unitecr proceedings are organized by symposia and include:

  • Advanced Installation Techniques and Equipment
  • Advanced Testing of Refractories
  • Cement and Lime Refractories
  • Developments in Basic Refractories
  • Energy Savings Through Refractory Design
  • Global Education in Refractories
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—Blast Furnace Troughs
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—Coke Ovens
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—Continuous Casting
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—General
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—Ladles
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—Magnesia–Carbon
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—RH Snorkels
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—Spinel Castables
  • Iron and Steel Making Refractories—Submerged Entry Nozzles
  • Modeling and Simulation of Refractories
  • Monolithics
  • Nonoxide Refractory Systems
  • Petrochemical
  • Raw Materials
  • Refractories for Chemical Processes
  • Refractories for Glass
  • Refractories for Nonferrous Metallurgy
  • Refractories for Waste to Energy Processing and Power
  • Safety, Environmental Issues, and Recycling

The book is large, about 1,300 pages. However, it is nicely produced. The peer reviewed articles are clearly highlighted in the table of contents. The resolution of the images is good, and the book is printed in a large font. It is an unusual choice for a technical volume, but it makes this book easy to take onto a shop floor and reference often. The volume editors are Dana G. Goski and Jeffrey D. Smith.

The proceedings from the 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Tecnology are published as Ceramic Transactions, volumes 243, 244, 245, 246, and 247.  Their contents are summarized below.

Innovative Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Ceramics and Composites II, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 2439781118771273_outlined.pdf

Tatsuki Ohji, Paolo Colombo, Makio Naito, Javier E. Garay, and Mrityunjay Singh; Editors; Hua-Tay Lin, Volume Editor

  • Novel, Green, and Strategic Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
  • Polymer Derived Ceramics and Composites
  • Advanced Powder Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
  • Synthesis and Processing of Materials Using Electric Fields/Currents

Design, Development, and Applications of Structural Ceramics, Composites, and Nanomaterials, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 244

Dileep Singh, Yanchun Zhou, Dongming Zhu, Waltraud M. Kriven and Sanjay Mathur, Editors; Hua-Tay Lin, Volume Editor

  • Multifunctional Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Heteroarchitectures for Energy and Device Applications
  • Engineering Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites: Design, Development, and Applications
  • Materials for Extreme Environments
  • Advanced Ceramic Coatings: Processing, Properties, and Applications
  • Geopolymers – Low Energy, Environmentally Friendly, Inorganic Polymeric Ceramics
  • Advanced Characterization and Modeling of Ceramic Interfaces

Advances in Multifunctional Materials and Systems II, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 245

Jun Akedo, Xiang Ming Chen, and Tseung-Yuen Tseng, Editors; Hua-Tay Lin, Volume Editor

  • Advances in Electroceramics
  • Microwave Materials and Their Applications
  • Oxide Materials for Nonvolatile Memory Technology and Applications

Ceramics for Environmental and Energy Applications II, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 246

Fatih Dogan, Terry M. Tritt, Tohru Sekino, Yutai Katoh, Aleksander J. Pyzik, Ilias Belharouak, Aldo R. Boccaccini and James Marra, Editors; Hua-Tay Lin, Volume Editor

  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology
  • Direct Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion Materials and Applications
  • Photovoltaic Materials and Technologies
  • Ceramics for Next Generation Nuclear Energy
  • Advances in Photocatalytic Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications
  • Ceramics Enabling Environmental Protection: Clean Air and Water
  • Advanced Materials and Technologies for Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
  • Glasses and Ceramics for Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Treatment

Advances in Bioceramics and Biotechnologies II, Ceramic Transactions, Ceramic Transactions, Volume 247

Roger Narayan and Joanna McKittrick, Editors; Hua-Tay Lin, Volume Editor

  • Advances in Biomineralized Ceramics, Bioceramics, and Bioinspired Designs
  • Nanostructured Bioceramics and Ceramics for Biomedical Applications