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[Image above] Julian Jones holds up a piece of 3-D printed bioglass for repairing the human body. Credit: Discovery UK

“Medical science has made huge strides in aiding and repairing the human body when it’s damaged, but will it ever be able to reverse the irreversible?”

Thanks to the work of Larry Hench and others who have innovated with ceramic and glass materials, the answer is rapidly approaching an affirmative. Hench, an ACerS Fellow and Distinguished Life Member, is on the faculty of the Florida Institute of Technology.

But don’t believe me—watch this short video (4:46 minutes) from Discovery UK about scientific breakthroughs that repair the human body, centered around Hench’s initial discovery of bioglass.

The video features Julian Jones, who was just last week inducted into the ACerS 2015 Class of Fellows at MS&T15. Jones details the original inspiration behind Hench’s innovation and shows how that research is changing today, with the help of 3-D printing.

Watch the video here.