Aldo Boccaccini is a professor in materials science at Imperial College, U.K. and a member of the London Center for Nanotechnology, a joint project between Imperial College and University College, U.K. In this video, he discusses some of his early work in developing vitrification techniques to render hazardous wastes, such as incinerator residues, inert. He delves into some of his work to develop bioglass materials for tissue engineering scaffolds. Finally, Boccaccini explains some of his pioneering work in the use of electrophoretic deposition for production of nanostructured materials and composites, including composites that contain carbon nanotubes. 13 minutes.

Earlier this year, Boccaccini was named the scientific international adviser to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina (his homeland).

For more information about vitrification of hazardous wastes, see this post about DC plasma techniques.