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MCARE 2013_recep, Wicks and students copy

  George Wicks chats with China’s rising energy scientists at the MCARE 2013 opening reception. Credit: ACerS.


This year’s Materials Challenges in Alternative and Renewable Energy 2013 conference is underway in Dunhuang, China. ACerS past president George Wicks is there and sent back several images from the welcome reception and opening session.

Wicks and Jack Simon founded the meeting back in 2008 as a partnership between ACerS and ASM International. The annual conference traditionally meets in Florida early in the year. However, starting this year, the conference will alternate between the US and an international location. This year’s conference in China is the first international location, and by all reports, appears to be off to a great start.

The goal of the conference is to turn the spotlight on materials and technologies that will be needed to make a hydrogen economy technically and economically feasible. The program reflects the range of energy-generating sectors in the hydrogen economy spectrum with sessions on wind, solar power, nuclear, hydropower, batteries and energy storage, hydrogen, biomass, and nanomaterials and nanocomposties for energy.

MCARE 2014 returns to the US, Feb. 16–20, 2014, in Clearwater, Fla. Meanwhile, enjoy this photo album from Dunhuang.

MCARE 2013_Wicks welcome address copy copy

George Wicks, cofounder of the MCARE conference series, welcomes attendees to MCARE 2013 in Dunhuang, China. Credit: ACerS.

MCARE 2013 in Dunhuang, China. Credti: ACerS.

MCARE 2013_Feng Liu copy

Feng Liu from Northwestern Polytechnical University in China reports on the thermal stability of nanomaterials. Credit: ACerS.

MCARE 2013_HT Lin copy

H-T Lin from Oak Ridge National Laboratory discusses the reliability of silicon nitride ball bearings for wind turbines. Credit: ACerS.

MCARE 2013_Wicks, Yiyi Li copy

George Wicks talks with Yiyi Li, professor at IMI CAS, during a tea break. Credit: ACerS.