Five insights on the future of technical ceramics from Ceramics Expo 2019

Materion product line director Nick Farrah summarized five key insights from this year’s Ceramics Expo, which took place April 30 and May 1. His insights include ceramics for 5G, building industry partnerships, cultivating young talent, need for speedy R&D, and customization through additive manufacturing.

DOE selects four projects to develop high-efficiency, lightweight wind turbine generators

The United States Department of Energy selected four projects totaling up to $8 million to develop next-generation wind turbine drivetrain technologies that will facilitate growth of wind turbines for both land-based tall wind and offshore applications.

America’s renewable energy usage set to surpass coal production for the first time ever

A report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis projected that as of April, power derived from hydro, biomass, wind, solar, and geothermal will generate more energy than traditional coal-powered plants. IEEFA says the trend could potentially extend into the month of May.

Materials research decadal survey falls flat with NSF

The National Science Foundation’s sponsoring official for the latest materials research decadal survey recently said she is disappointed it did not offer specific direction on emerging research areas and that the research community’s participation was inadequate.

CentraSep Centrifuges acquired by Trucent, Inc.

CentraSep Centrifuges / Advanced Separation Technologies finalized the sale of all its assets and rights relating to Advanced Separation Technologies (CentraSep®) and AST Leasing to Trucent, Inc. AST/CentraSep now will be known as Trucent CentraSep Technologies.

Corning announces high-index glass wafers in 300-millimeter diameter size

Corning Incorporated announced it has developed 300-millimeter diameter glass wafers in select refractive indexes optimized for augmented reality device makers. These wafers offer the largest available size of high refractive index glass on the market today.

Groot Glass appoints consultant for $284 million solar power plant

Groot Glass appointed Germany-based Suntrace as technical consultant for development of an 80 MW solar photovoltaic plant. The PV plant will generate electricity and power for planned glass manufacturing factories in Tses, Namibia.

ZEN Graphene Solutions awarded $1 million grant for graphene-infused concrete research

ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd. was awarded a $1,000,000 grant that will accelerate ZEN’s graphene-enhanced concrete research and development project. ZEN is developing a graphene-enhanced concrete additive that has the potential to increase concrete strength by 40 percent, and reduce concrete amount required in numerous concrete applications.