Thermo Fisher Scientific offers new DualBeam instrument with fast, switchable ion species

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s new Helios Hydra DualBeam system delivers four different ions as the primary beam, including argon, nitrogen, oxygen and xenon, and can quickly switch between them in less than 10 minutes.

Federal grant aids mineral researchers

A federal grant is allowing researchers at Western Michigan University to assess the state’s potential for supplying 35 minerals. They hope to uncover potential value for mineral resources in the state, which could stimulate private interest and private investment in mining the minerals.

The world’s largest solar power project begins running in UAE

United Arab Emirates just opened the world’s largest solar farm. The plant contains 3.2 million solar panels and will produce 1.17 gigawatts of power, enough to supply the needs of 90,000 people and reduce their yearly carbon emissions by one million metric tons.

Glass recycling foundation teams up with Colorado bottle company

End of Waste Foundation and Rocky Mountain Bottle Company entered into a partnership. The collaboration will combine EOW’s blockchain technology software with Rocky Mountain’s desire to manufacture more recycled glass cullet into new bottles.

Apple to scrap controversial butterfly keyboard, according to rumours

A top Apple pundit sparked rumours that Apple will stop manufacturing its unreliable butterfly keyboard for upcoming MacBook laptop. Apple will use a new keyboard made from glass fiber that uses more traditional scissor-switch keyboard technology.

Cementos Argos receives patent for ultra high performance concrete

Colombia-based Cementos Argos received a patent of invention for the formulation and method of obtaining ultra high performance concrete or advanced concrete. Daniel Duque, manager of research and development of Argos, says the concrete has a resistance seven times higher than that of conventional concrete.

NASA invests $7M in Carnegie Mellon’s new center to study aircraft manufacturing

NASA selected Carnegie Mellon to lead a research team dedicated to examining new ways to build and power aircraft of the future, through NASA’s University Leadership Initiative. The research team—which includes partners from Argonne National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, and General Electric—will explore new additive manufacturing methods.

ASTM develops standard to improve durability of concrete

ASTM International launched a test method aimed at improving and standardizing the way resistance of concrete to electrical current flow helps assess its durability. The test method (C1876-19) is expected to assess a concrete’s ability to resist the penetration of fluids, which helps to determine concrete structure durability.

Sheffield to get £21m energy research centre

A £21m energy research centre to support the UK’s transition to a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 will be built at the University of Sheffield. The Translational Energy Research Centre will give businesses access to testing facilities and the opportunity to collaborate with leading academics in low-carbon energy research.

Kyocera and Lion develop musical toothbrush through Sony’s startup initiative

Kyocera and Lion Corp. are jointly developing “Possi,” a next-generation musical toothbrush. By using Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic piezoelectric element inside the head of the toothbrush, it turns electric signals into vibrations to transmit music directly to the user without the use of external speakers.

Glass Service hosts successful furnace seminar

Glass Service held a successful 15th International Seminar on Furnace Design – Operation and Process Simulation. The event was attended by approximately 150 glass experts from 25 countries including U.S., Mexico, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, New Zealand, and several European nations including U.K.

Gas and oil firms reclassified under non-renewables on LSE

Oil and gas companies listed on the London Stock Exchange were reclassified under a non-renewable energy category in a move designed to distinguish between heavily polluting companies and greener producers.

Sandvik looks to industry to identify space applications for diamond composite

The Swedish engineering firm Sandvik is looking for space applications for the 3D-printed diamond composite it unveiled at a recent additive manufacturing conference. With the new material, customers could produce parts related to the thermal management of spacecraft.

Corning celebrates opening of new manufacturing facility for cover glass solutions

Corning Inc. hosted an opening ceremony for its new automotive glass solutions facility in Anhui province, China. The high-volume manufacturing facility will let Corning deliver AutoGrade™ Gorilla Glass parts for automotive interiors to automakers around the world.

ARCH Global Precision acquires Siem Tool Co.

ARCH Global Precision, a company focused on manufacturing cutting tools, machined components, and medical implants and instruments, acquired Siem Tool Co., a manufacturer of custom solid-carbide drills, end mills, reamers, thread mills, and form tools. Siem Tool will join ARCH’s Cutting Tools division.