Registration now open for Glassman Asia in Seoul, South Korea

Registration is now open for the Glassman conference and exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, on Feb. 25–26, 2020. The show makes a swift return to Asia following the successes of the two previous Glassman events in Bangkok and Jakarta in 2018 and 2019.

Embalvidro produces first glass gobs

Angolan container glass plant Embalvidro produced its first liquid glass gobs. The company has been heating up its 180t/day Sorg furnace since October 29. The Embalvidro glass manufacturing facility will primarily produce beer bottles in amber and emerald green colors. Early next year it will begin to also produce soft drinks bottles in flint glass.

Heliogen’s new tech could unlock renewable energy for industrial manufacturing

Clean energy company Heliogen achieved temperatures above 1,000°C using concentrated solar polar. Previous commercial concentrating solar thermal systems could only reach temperatures of 565°C.

World’s biggest lithium-ion battery is about to grow even larger

South Australia’s Hornsdale Power Reserve, the world’s largest lithium-ion battery, will have its storage and output expanded by 50% to help improve stability of the state’s power grid. The move comes as energy storage becomes increasingly essential to managing power supplies in Australia.

ClearVue inks manufacturing agreement for solar window glass tech

ClearVue Technologies secured a lucrative manufacturing and supply agreement with Taiwan’s BeyondPV Company, which plans to spend US$3.5 million building a dedicated production line that will manufacture ClearVue’s proprietary solar strip modules for the company and its licensees to be used in the manufacture of solar glass products.

Novartis invests in SiO2 to use material sciences for packaging tech

Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis invested in U.S.-based biotech industries packaging company SiO2 Medical Products. Novartis will gain access to use SiO2’s patented materials sciences for packaging technology.

Industry plan to boost EU glass recycling rate to 90%

The glass packaging industry plans to boost glass recycling rates to 90% in Europe by 2030. The Close the Loop stewardship program was backed by industry CEOs and has the common ambition to achieve an EU-wide 90% collection for recycling target for glass packaging by 2030.