APCI announces US-based electroceramic powder production operation

The firm announces the start-up of a U.S.-based ceramic powder manufacturing facility for the production of piezoelectric powders. Hammond Lead Products, a US-based chemical producer centered in Indiana, is working with APCI to match its lead-related materials science technologies with APCI’s array of established high performance lead-zirconate-titanate powders. These piezoelectric powders, as well as additional custom formulation products, will be available through APCI and HLP to customers for applications in commercial and defense-related markets. Expectations are for start up of this production installation before the end of 2009.

Raytheon receives industry award for energy innovation

The National Energy Resources Organization awarded Raytheon the 2009 Technology Innovation Award for recent work in the areas of renewable energy and green technology. The award was for research done by Frank Prautzsch and John Cogliandro. Prautzsch’s work involves using open and closed bed photobioreactors to raise algae using carbon dioxide flue gas as a feeder. The algae is then used to form biodiesel and other products. Cogliandro is currently developing a new patented disruptive technique to sequester carbon dioxide greenhouse gas using radio frequency energy and aerogel catalysts to convert the CO2 to a solid in underground formations.

Cabot”s Nanogel aerogel insulation selected for 50 km of subsea pipelines

The aerogel Compression Packs consist of packs of compressed Nanogel with an integrated protective outer layer to provide durability and consistency of form. These packs are applied to sections of inner pipe (80-foot double joints for this project) and then expanded to their precise final forms prior to insertion of the insulated inner pipes into outer pipes. The integrated indexing of each panel enables field personnel to install the insulation quickly and precisely, without the need for special tools or equipment. The ultra-low conductivity of Nanogel aerogel is a key enabler of the flowline designs, which have specified U-values of 1.50 W/m(2) K while maintaining relatively small outer jacket pipes.