Kyocera introduces ceramic-metal bonding technologies

Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp. announces the availability of a wide variety of engineered feedthrough connectors with its ceramic-metal bonding technology. Many of these products are now open tool which meets the specifications of general purpose coaxial connector and multi-pin connectors. Kyocera also offers custom made solutions specific to each customer’s requirements and is enthusiastic about developing new and emerging product. The company’s components are currently used in a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications where high heat, high voltage, and high pressure are common.

Nanovea launches redesigned Tribometer with 3D optical profiler integration

The release of the new Nanovea Tribometer marks the end to bulky, unappealing and complicated Tribology testing. Nanovea’s Tribometer has been redesigned to complete Nanovea’s signature instrument look and user-friendly appeal. The Nanovea Tribometer also introduces, to the world of tribology, quick in-situ 3D optical profiler integration for wear calculation analysis along with other 3D surface measurements. In addition, the Nanovea Tribometer can reach speeds of 6000 rpm. To offer the same quality data at these high speeds, Nanovea has integrated a fast 56000Hz acquisition card with 24-bit resolution. The system also comes standard with a motorized table that allows to precisely position the arm through computer control.

Appleton’s preassembled Liquidtight connectors reduce installation time by 25 percent

Appleton ST liquidtight cable and conduit connectors secure ground and seal liquidtight flexible metal conduit to electrical machinery in wet and adverse environments, making them ideal for challenging industrial and OEM usage. Machine shop equipment, conveyors, material handling equipment, packaging, pumps and motors are some of the many heavy-duty applications that benefit from the ST Series’ durable design, ease of installation and cost savings. Bar stock steel or malleable iron construction offers long-lasting performance for maximum value.

PPG announces global chopped strand fiber glass price increase

PPG Industries’ fiber glass business announced today that it is raising prices 5 to 7 percent effective Oct. 1, 2009, or as permissible by contract, for all thermoplastic chopped strand and thermoset dry chopped strand products. PPG says the increase in chopped strand pricing reflects the increasing costs of raw materials and historically weak pricing in the market. As worldwide demand returns, price increases are needed to cover cost increases and enable reinvestment in furnace capacity. PPG’s price increases will affect all thermoplastic chopped strand and thermoset dry chopped strand products. Sales representatives will communicate price-increase details to their customers in these markets.