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Ceramic and glass business news from this week

Union Process manufactures dry grinding attritor for ceramics

Union Process Inc., known globally as a manufacturer of size reduction and dispersing equipment for a broad range of industrial applications, has built a specially designed attritor for a European customer that manufactures raw materials for the ceramic industry. The attritor features CE certification and is powered by a specially engineered 150 HP motor which provides 425% starting torque. The mill was designed specifically for metal-free grinding.

Schoelly Imaging’s high-temperature borescopes operate up to 2000°C

Schoelly Imaging Inc.’s boroscopes enable inspection and analysis of areas otherwise inaccessible to standard remote viewing instruments. They provide critical inspection solutions for a wide range of industries, including glassmaking, metallurgy, cement plants, refuse incineration, power plants, automotive research, chemical and food production.

New Gateway Analytical lab celebrates grand opening

Gateway Analytical, an analytical contract laboratory and consulting company, held a grand opening celebration on April 12 at its new facility in Gibsonia, Pa. Among other things, the company specializes in innovative analytical techniques like chemical imaging that enable the identification and enhancement of contrast between chemically different materials.

Oil drilling, earnings boost Carbo Ceramics stock 15%

Investor’s Business Daily reports that there’s nothing quite like being the dominant supplier of a scarce product that’s essential to a rapidly growing industry. That’s the privileged status of Carbo Ceramics. Houston-based Carbo produces ceramic proppant, a key ingredient in the secret sauce concoctions used by drillers to crack underground rock and free trapped oil and gas. Energy outfits are racing head over heels to drill new wells across North America with hydraulic fracturing technology. And Carbo’s ceramic proppant is a high-end ingredient in their fracking cocktails.

Asylum Research’s Cypher AFM achieves point defect atomic resolution in liquids

Asylum Research announced that it Cypher AFM is routinely achieving resolution of atomic-scale point defects in liquid. While scanning tunneling microscopes have routinely demonstrated point defect resolution since their invention, this gold standard of true atomic resolution has been more elusive in AFM.